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Monday, July 13, 2015

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since I last wrote something but please don't hate me. I've been busy with my IELTS review and it's almost time for my exam. Please wish me luck! XO

Anyway, it's summer and now's the time to break out those colorful pink lips!

If you guys follow me on any of my social networking sites, you may notice that I'm an online shopping addict. I recently discovered about Luxola and I'm obsessed. It's basically an online shop filled with a plethora of makeup and cosmetics. It's definitely special because they have brands we can't get a hold of here in the Philippines or in other Asian countries. Remind me to get something from Zoeva, Sigma and 3CE next time I order from them! *Park Sora fan girl emerges HAHA*

Well back to the main topic. I've been eyeing new bright lipsticks to try for the summer season and I picked out 3 new lipsticks in various shades of pink! I love how pink lips make me feel instantly feminine especially now that I have short hair. There's just something very girl next door about pink lips and I'm forever obsessed. It's definitely a classic just like red lips! 

I got three lipsticks from Luscious Cosmetics, one was a lovely matte finish (Signature Lipstick) and the other two were satin (Super Moisturizing Lipstick). First things first, may I just say that I really love the packaging of the satin ones. They were in a sturdy silver bullet while the matte one was in a plastic bullet, still sturdy but the silver definitely wins! 

For the purpose of this review, I tried to choose three very different shades of pink. I mean who would want to see a review of three pink lipsticks with the same undertone and shade. Totally useless, if you ask me, UNLESS it was a dupe post then I'm absolutely up for that. ;) 

For the girls just starting to wear lipsticks, I picked out the perfect neutral pink MLBB for you; Creamy Rose. For the girls who can't let go of their red lips but want to slowly venture out in the wonderful world of pink lips; Flirty Fuschia. And finally, for the girls with brave souls not afraid to rock a bright pink lip; Raspberry.

Left to Right: Creamy Rose, Flirty Fuschia, Raspberry

Creamy Rose: a muted dirty rose suitable for daily use. It's a tad bit deeper than most mauve shades but I still consider it to be an MLBB kind of lipstick for my skin tone. It's the perfect mix of pink and brown. People obsessed with the Kylie Jenner lip trend or the 90's lip trend will definitely love this shade and it's definitely my personal favorite out of the bunch. 

Flirty Fuschia: to be honest, it's not really fuschia! HAHA! I really don't know why they named it like this. Lol. Well anyway, this lipstick is a hot pink mixed with red. It's kind of like a corally hot pink; I hope that makes sense. It reminds me of one of my favorite MAC lipsticks but let's just keep it at that. *I'll be making a dupe post soon hehe*

As for the formula of these satin lipsticks, they're opaque, creamy and they really are moisturizing. Also, I didn't notice any scent while I was putting these on. Two thumbs!

Raspberry: this should be the one named Flirty Fuschia and the other one would suit the name Raspberry! :( Haha! Oh well, I'm not the one making the names so I'll just shut my mouth. Lol. Raspberry is a mid-tone pink/fuchsia with a neutral undertone. It's the perfect shade for summer. It's just so girly and fun; I'll definitely use this a lot!

As for the formula of this lipstick, it's supposed to be matte but I think it's definitely more of a satin finish. Just like the previous shades, it's also creamy and opaque! The other two are more moisturizing but this one is supposed to be a matte so it's okay.

You can get these lipsticks HERE from LUXOLA

They were delivered directly to my doorstep and I didn't need to pay customs tax! Yay! If you do want to get some awesome items from LUXOLA, you can use my promo code "BLX-FOREST" to get 15% off your first order from However, this voucher code is only valid till August 31st and is not applicable on non-discountable brands found in their FAQ. Luckily, I checked the site and it seems that you can get a discount for these lipsticks so YAY! Happy shopping, girls! 

I hope you guys had fun reading this entry! I'm definitely armed and ready for an awesome summer. I loved my three pink lipstick picks and I hope I gave you some summer lipstick inspiration. 

XO, Marion

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  1. Flirty Fuschia looks amazingly cute!


  2. Great review! ^^ I really love the Flirty Fuschia one, even though it's more like corally hot pink like you said hahah XD These colours do really make you look feminine and pretty <3

    NICOLE'S NOTEBOOK - lifestyle, food, travel & beauty+

  3. All these lipstick shade suits you so well ! Anyways, good luck with your upcoming school events (:


  4. I'm so in love with the first one, but woah all the colours fits you so well ^^ I envy your beautiful skincolour~ hehe

    A C Y H O Z - blog


  5. great post
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC / facebook?
    let me know in the comments on my blog and I follow back!

  6. You look so cute and beautiful :)


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