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Monday, May 26, 2014

It's been a while guys and I really miss talking to everyone. I think I have been a huge huge introvert the past month and it's crazy. So much to say and just no one to talk to. If you have been following me on instagram (@forestdoll) you may have seem to notice what I'm currently head over heels addicted to! It's pool slides aka my ugly pretty shoes! My first pair was bought just recently from Adidas and I've been wearing it non stop till I got these two new ones from Jessica Buurman! These Mapel Sandals come in four designs but I only got two, the cream beige one and the one with black leather straps which may I add are a SPOT ON dupe for Isabel Marant Holden slides which I have been lusting for but it's just so expensive for me so this Jessica Buurman one saved my life! God bless you guys!

You can view the black one HERE and the beige one HERE. You're welcome! ;p

In true 90s kid fashion, I paired them with loose run down denim jeans and a loose black (of course it has to be black) shirt. People around me may judge me for my fashion choices but I'll just ignore them every pool slide step of the way. Hope you guys like this outfit! So excited to wear the cream slides as well.

T Shirt | Armani Exchange
Pants | Forever 21
Bucket Bag | Forever 21
Mapel Sandals | Jessica Buurman


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  1. Missed your blog posts! Glad you're back!
    Love the sandals!

    Lou of,

  2. very simple, but you still look really fashionable as usual.. =)
    how can it be...??

  3. Love those sandals! And your outfit too :D

  4. Wow, so lovely look! You are awesome dear! :)

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  5. i missed your blogging! maybe the ugly-pretty shoe trend is something that only fashion bloggers/workers understand, :))

  6. Omg envy :( I love those slip ons! and your pants looks so cool btw!


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