Review: Etude House Dear my Blooming Lips Talk (Pink Talk) #PK015

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

It's been a while since I last posted a review but now I'm back, new and improved. As you can see the product photos are better since my boyfriend made me a lightbox. Love him! Well anyway, on to the review.

A while ago I received two things from W2Beauty, the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in PK015 and the Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker. I'll first review the lipstick because I love it so so much. <3

This lipstick is part of their new line of shades called Pink Talk which is endorsed by Krystal from F(x). The line has 5 new shades and I chose the darkest of the bunch hoping that it would look like Yoon Eun Hye's lipstick in her drama Missing You. Well, I do think I have a close match but I will definitely not close my search just yet.

The shade of pink is a really pretty fuchsia color and it's really vibrant. It's definitely a statement color. I think it kind of looks like my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick though but this is just a bit more cooler. The lovely thing about this lipstick is the fact that it's not overly glossy because I'm a matte lip type of girl so I love these kind of finishes. It's feels like velvet on your lips and it doesn't feel awkward at all when you apply it a lot on your lips.

I love to use it the most when I don't wear a lot of eye makeup. It really makes you look awake and put together. It's really pigmented too! So two thumbs up. I'd really recommend this to people who love NARS Schiap or the concept of bright velvety (matte but not drying) type of lipsticks. 

Pigmentation: 4/5 (Pigmented but you need two swipes to get a REALLY bright hue)
Shade: 5/5 (Love the shade, nothing to say about it)
Finish: 5/5 (LOVE the velvety matte finish)
Price: 5/5 (Cheap but the quality is good)

All in all, I love this lipstick and I'd love to try out the other shades. The finish with these lipsticks are just awesome. I love how smooth and buttery they apply but finish matte. Ah just adore them. ♡ Etude House lipsticks are also quite affordable too plus the packaging is just so cute. WHAT'S THERE TO HATE? 

Check out W2Beauty for more Korean Cosmetics! This is the link for the lipstick by the way: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in PK015.

Hope you guys loved this review and I'll talk to you real soon! Tell me if you liked the photos and would like me to post more reviews like this!

Don't forget to join my Etude House Any Cushion giveaway! (Oh btw, I will review this one soon too)

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  1. It is lovely!!! From the packaging to the colour! *-*

    Click here to visit my blog!

  2. such a pretty color, super like <3

  3. Great review! I've always loved etude house products! The packaging and product itself is always so cute. Love the color on you!

  4. I NEED some Etude House lippies in my life! I've heard too many raves but I can't get them in my country and would have to order online *cries*
    The colour looks gorgeous on you. Thanks for the review!

  5. This is a really pretty color! I don't tend to wear colors that are bright but I'm really tempted to start!

  6. Such a lovely review!! :D


  7. it looks gorgeous on you ^^

  8. wow this colour suits you so well! I was wondering about whether the finish on these were glossy or matte, thank you for answering my question!

  9. Hey i think i found the eun hye tint if you haven't already seen it. Its the etude house vivid popstick
    #4 popstick baby. Its the closest ive seen. PS Ive been trying to find the same look as well.

  10. Hey i think i found the eun hye tint if you haven't already seen it. Its the etude house vivid popstick
    #4 popstick baby. Its the closest ive seen. PS Ive been trying to find the same look as well.

  11. Hey I found the eun hye tint youve been looking for its the etude house vivid pop stick - #4 popstick baby.
    P.S Ive been looking for the same look.

  12. It looks gorgeous!
    I am wondering however, does this lipstick smell? Might be an awkward question, but I have the Etude House Etoinette Lipstick and unfortunately I can't stand it, because it smells like really cheap make up :( I like the packaging so much, but well... I would be happy to get an answer, bc maybe I was just unlucky with my other lipstick and this one is worth buying :D




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