First Instagram Giveaway! Uniqso x Forestdoll

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hello everyone! 
Once again, the very generous Uniqso has teamed up with me inorder to giveaway a pair of Barbie Circle Lens! I wonder which one of you lucky creatures will get to take home the lens? 

Just a quick briefer about the Sponsor. Uniqso ( is a legit seller of contact lens and circle lens. They carry many famous brands which include GEO, i.fairy, Dueba and the one that we will be giving away which is a sub-brand of Dueba, Barbie. Their customer service is very good too because whenever I send emails I usually receive replies within 1-2 days! So fast! I love them and will always be one of their loyal customers! 

Enough chit-chat on to the free stuff, GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Uniqso has just launched their instagram site and having this giveaway hosted on instagram is a first for me but let's try this and let's just have fun with this! The rules for this giveaway are super easy! No rafflecopter app this time!

1.) Follow @uniqso and @forestdoll on instagram
-- We will be checking so no cheating and please no fake accounts! We all know those fake accounts never win anything. Using your own account will boost your chances of winning of course.

2.) Repost this photo and in the caption tag @uniqso, @forestdoll, #forestdoll, #forestdollgiveaway 
-- VERY IMPORTANT, I cannot see your entries without this! Please also make sure your account is public!

3.) You can repost as many times as you want. Preferably no more than 2x per day though. Don't spam please!

4.) Please have fun and tell your friends. You can also tag friends in your captions! It will make this giveaway better! :)

5.) Giveaway ends on the 7th of December!

I hope you guys like this giveaway! And for those without instagram, don't fret because another sponsor is planning to giveaway circle lens too! Have fun guys and goodluck!!

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