Review: BB Creams 2013 - MISSHA, ETUDE HOUSE, KATE, HANSKIN + Giveaway Winner

Monday, August 26, 2013

It's been a while since I last did a product review and trust me it is not because I have lost my drive of trying out makeup and skincare products. It's definitely not that. Someone sent me a message on LINE, telling me that she misses my reviews! She misses me blogging about makeup and skincare items. Which made me quite sad and made me think about things. The reason for my lack of these type of posts is that my skin has been breaking out all the time and it's got me so frustrated and it made me not want to take photos of myself or selfies but reading that message made me think back and made me decide that I cannot let my skin ruin my love of reviewing makeup and skincare products so TA-DA here I am! BTW, if you also want to send me a message on LINE, please do. My username is forestdoll. 

For starters, I will review 4 of the BB creams I have used this year. I have been eyeing out CC creams too but I've seen in countless reviews that the coverage of CC creams are not so good. I love products with good coverage so I think I'll have to pass as of now. I do want to try the cushion ones though. I'm excited for the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion. IDK if that's a BB or CC cream though! 

The four staring BB Creams are Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++, Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream, Kanebo KATE Mineral Cover BB Gel Cream SPF30 PA++, and HANSKIN Mineral Magic BB Cream. I have used them for quite a while and I think I know what I'm talking about ;) HAHA!
First up! Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ 
Let me just say that I don't understand why people are saying that this smells bad!! I absolutely hate fragrances but this is one rare exception. It smells so good. Crazy good. It reminds me of babies. A dozen babies that smell so good. Haha! Omg. When I apply this, I normally put a pump of it on my palm and apply it all over. I seriously can't stop smelling my palm after I apply this on my face. Haha! As for the coverage, this is just superb. I think it's the best BB Cream I have in terms of coverage though it has this ashy gray undertone that mind you, a LOT of BB Creams have, it will blend in your skin after a while. I just love this BB Cream. It would have been my HG BB Cream if it had more oil control but it doesn't look gross when you get oily. It's so amazing. You'll look like a dewy goddess. LOL. But I prefer a matte look so I want more oil control! But all in all, it stays on all day and it gives fabulous coverage

I will have to give it 4/5 hearts! 
Next one up! Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream
This one has a sponge built in around the actual nozzle that the BB Cream goes out off. But I will not bother because I don't use it. In terms of BB Cream, I prefer using my hands to apply them because I guess the heat from the hands help in the application? IDK. I just like using my hands. Haha! It's called "Cool Fix" but I didn't expect anything cooling or something like that on my skin though. It has a yellowy beige undertone unlike the Missha one. It does feel quite light on my skin and it has better oil control too maybe it's because this BB Cream is waterproof! But it doesn't give a matte look though but it does stay on all day, as for the finish it gives something in between matte and dewy. I do not think this is a breeze to take off though, it's waterproof so don't expect to get this off just using water and cleanser! I like using makeup wipes but if I use this particular BB Cream, I use my Bifesta Makeup remover and the makeup wipes! The coverage is buildable, decent. It feels light on my face and won't budge all day but I don't like how this smells. Deducting because of the fragrance but it definitely is a nice BB Cream!

I will give it 3.5/5 hearts! Just deducting a bit because of the fragrance! But if you don't mind fragrances, I suggest checking this out because this is cheaper than the Missha one. ♡.5
Next one! Kanebo KATE Mineral Cover BB Gel Cream SPF30 PA++
This one is definitely one of my favorites! It's suits the particularly humid and hot weather of the Philippines! I suggest this to everyone living somewhere very tropical! It's amazing! One downside to this is not actually the product's fault but my own fault because I was so excited, I accidentally grabed the wrong shade. Stupidity. -_- Haha! I do try to fix this by applying a lighter powder over it! But as for the product itself, it's a gel so it feels so cool on the face and it's not as heavy as the other BB Creams I have tried. AND AND AND it have awesome coverage, not as awesome as the Missha one but better than the Etude one and considering that it has this super light almost watery gel texture, NOT BAD KANEBO. It also has no noticeable smell! What more can you ask for, Feels light on the face, awesome coverage, no strong fragrance. I adore this BB Cream so much! 

I will definitely give this 4.5/5 hearts. I just adore it! I would have probably given it a perfect score if I grabbed the perfect shade though. -_- .5
Last up! HANSKIN Mineral Magic BB Cream
This one has got to be my least favorite when compared with the other BB Creams! It's so light! It's summertime so I'm darker nowadays and this one definitely is not in my shade. I feel like this one is somewhat like a tinted moisturizer. It's very creamy and it glides on so smoothly.  You won't feel it once it has settled in your skin but as for the coverage it has super light coverage. It's good as a tinted moisturizer though! I'd wear it on days I'd have decent skin which I do not have the luxury of having most of the time so I do lean towards the BB Creams with higher coverage. But it does have good oil control and it doesn't smell like anything which is superb! It's suitable for sensitive skin so I love it but I wish it had more coverage. It would be one of my favorites most definitely! 

I'd give this 3/5 hearts because of it's lack of coverage but all in all, if you have good skin already, check this one out! I bet you'd love this! 

I hope you liked this jam packed review! Tell me what kind of posts do you want me to make for you guys! Send me a message on LINE or comment down below! :) I was also thinking about making videos too but I still don't know how to edit them and stuff! HAHA! Soon! See you guys! XO

Oh and by the way! Congratulations to the giveaway winner! Entry #1886Acacia A.
Please wait for the email from LoveShoppingholics! A big thank you to everyone who joined! I will host another one soon! :)

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  1. Missha has always good products and I like the fact that BB shade 13# matches my fair skintone :)

  2. Favorite ko padin Missha Perfect Cover!! Kaso hindi maganda yung color match :( </3

    1. I've tried the Missha BB cream and it really went great! Hindi kasi mahirap pumili ng cream na i paparehas sa skin tone e kapag missha. I got mine from (, ditto sya sa Phlippines na online shop tapos may iba’t ibang products din may nakita akong etude ditto saka brillante. Thanks girl for sharing!

  3. Loved
    I invite you to visit my blog, you're very welcome ♥
    Super kiss and a great weekend :)

  4. Congrats to the winner! My fave BB Creams are surprisingly, not Korean haha. My top top top fave is FairyDrops Candybar BB Cream, then this new BB Cream I got from the US called Flower BB Cream (ridiculous oil control. 12 hours and it still looks matte!). For lighter days however I really love theFACEShop's Aqua Tinted BB Cream since it's super super light.

    I've tried the Missha BB Cream but it just did not match my skintone at all, even after an hour or two X_x Masyado ata kasing yellow-toned skin ko. Tapos sa Etude House, yung BB Cream Bright fit lang na-try ko and I don't like it so much haha.

    Thanks for sharing! I'm super curiou about the Kanebo one tu loy.


  5. I need to try that Kate BB Cream! It looks amazing!

  6. Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream looks oily.

  7. I'm on the search for the perfect BB cream!
    Lovely review, thanks fo your input.

    My first bb cream ever is the Candy Bar Fairy Drops bb cream.
    I'm going to do a review on it soon! Stay tuned...

  8. Great review, I'm really loving MACs BB Cream at the mo!

  9. Still can't believe I won. Great review!

  10. Hi. Can you make another review with and without make up face? I have acne pits and they make me sad.... You think any of this can cover those blemishes?

  11. Did you receive these products for free? I love Etude House BB cream!

    ~Pauline @ Kallony


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