Review: NEO Extra Size Dali Black

Sunday, June 16, 2013

On lazy days which I still need to face people, I can't possibly go out with zero preparation so I go out with powder foundation, circle lenses, eyeliner and lipstain! Oh and I also fill in my brows. And for lazy days, I found that brown and black circle lens fit the occasion so well. I got my NEO extra size dali lens from EyeCandys and I've been using them ever since I got them! Hahah! Totally addicted to them.

These lenses are only 14.2mm in diameter but they make my pupils look so big and doll like! I love them! But I do use eyedrops when using them. Not a big problem for me though, maybe it's because I have dry eyes to begin with. I do recommend these for people leaning towards ulzzang eyes and natural looking makeup! Two thumbs up!

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To end this post; here are some vain photos from yesterday :p HAHA! Don't you just love the black lenses? <3

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  1. You cutie pie! <333
    I might give black lenses a try again. It felt weird with my pink hair but I'll be dying my hair black soon too, hahahaha! Maybe it'll look better then.

  2. Oh really cute lens sweetie!
    Looks really dolly and cute!


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