Review: Kinuyuki Face Cataract Aqua Gel & Steamcream

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Honestly I was not a huge moisturizer fan growing up because I have really oily acne prone skin and I thought that anything that wasn't drying was making my breakouts and pimples worse but I have gotten over the fear of moisturizing and I can now gladly show you two of my favorite moisturizers now; One for my face and another for my hands and body.

First is the Kinuyuki Face Cataract Aqua Gel. This is what I use for my face as of now and I just love the moisture it gives! It makes my skin feel supple and really bouncy! It's summer time and this is just perfect because it's so lightweight and it seriously feels just like water though it kind of feels like jelly at first, it slowly melts into a watery texture. It just makes my face look plumper, bouncier, refreshed and kind of look younger! AND it doesn't break me out!! Major love for this product!

The second one is my favorite moisturizer for my hands and body! It's the Steam Cream! It's quite popular as I have seen it in a few blogs and everyone said they love it and I love it too! :p I find the scent to be SUPER relaxing. I'm not usually the one to like fragrances but this cream just smells divine! It's light and non greasy but really moisturizing. You can also use this for the face but I haven't really done that but for the hands and body, it's lovely. Plus the packaging is so cute!! It's in little tins which have different designs so you'll get to choose from so much cuteness!

So... the bottom line is, Moisturizing is good! It's not as evil as I though it was before! Lol. Hopefully I helped people with my review! Thank you for reading this guys!  Have a nice day!

You can get the Kinuyuki Face Cataract Aqua Gel from Cosme-De here:
It retails for $43 but it's definitely worth the money!

You can get the Steam Cream from their site here:
It retails for £12.95 per tin. Check the site to see MANY cute designs!!

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  1. I used to have the same thoughts about face moisturizing!! It took me a long while before figuring out that drying my skin out was actually making the problem worse. And I've been meaning to try Steamcream for the longest time; I hear nothing but wonderful things! :)


  2. More than anything..your hair <<33 LOVELY!!

  3. Oasap giveaway on my blog! check it out! :)


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