Review: LoveShoppingholics 7712 Japan Style Eyelash

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello guys! Finally a new product review~ I've been slacking so much on reviews and I have a ton of items in queue.  I'm sorry!  

These new lashes are from LoveShoppingholics. Let me just say it's been a while since I last wore falsies and I was already prepared to fail miserably but I think I did okay! Hahaha!

Well anyway, on to the review:
These lashes are very comparable to the famous brand Diamond Lash but in my opinion these are a wee bit more comfortable than those! No bias! They're just the right length for me and they're flexible enough for easy application. The best part about them is that they already contain lower lashes so no need to buy separate lashes for the bottom but I was never the bottom lash fan though but they're okay. I love the upper lashes though!! They get two thumbs up from me!

You can get these lashes here: for USD 19.99!

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  1. These look lovely on you, its so good they come with upper and lower together :)


  2. These sound really nice and I agree that it's so great the set already comes with bottom lashes so you don't have to buy them separately; convenient! :)


  3. I loooove ho you look in these photos! And I did not know they carried these lashes so I got it from some place else a while ago :O

  4. you have really nice glowing skin :) nice pictures too!


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