Review: Born Pretty Store Acquisitions Review

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello everyone! This is a late post as you can tell from the length of my hair! :p I forgot to post this so I'm very sorry! >_< Such a sucky blogger. Well anyway, I received three products from the Born Pretty Store which are a box of false lashes, eyelash glue, and eyelid fiber.

So let me just do a small review for the three items!

My favorite would have to be the eyelash glue because it just doesn't budge! My dollywink lash glue kind of disappoints me now after I started using this! See very very amazing!

The next fave would have to be the box of fake lashes. They are very easy to apply and not as dramatic as their japanese counterparts sooo it's quite natural and they don't look as dramatic! They kind of look like diluted diamond lashes! Very pretty AND they are really cheap soooo grab a box already! You'll love them!

As for the eyelid fiber, let me just say that I suck in using them... The eyelid fibers are pretty nice; the problem is me. I need to practice more if I want them to look nice on me. :( Sad.

Well anyway, all in all, I love all the products I received. They are definitely worth the money! Don't forget to check Born Pretty Store for more awesome buys!

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  1. your hair. :O
    it's back to pink. (or so i think you dyed your hair pink once)

  2. You look so pretty!!

  3. These lashes are quite prettyyy. Your hair is such a cool color :)


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