Outfit: Young(?) + Goodbye Mermaid Hair

Friday, April 19, 2013

Another look using my lovely transparent jelly items! I just can't get enough of transparent items and mint green because they look so fresh and young. YOUNG. I'm beginning to hate that word because I feel old because I need to go into the real world and get a real job and the worst part about that is that I need to say goodbye to my mermaid hair ; u ; SO I HAVE TWO OPTIONS IN LIFE AS OF TODAY, be unemployed and poor BUT with fabulous magical hair or be employed with a bit of cash BUT with boring blah ewww hair. *dies* Even my bf doesn't want me to dye my hair because he'll know I'll be so devastated and depressed which will then mean that I will be 10000x more annoying than the usual but despite all the nagging, I love him ♡ And why did this entry turn so mushy instead of sad/grieving.... Okay anyway, while I still have fab hair, I should take more photos to remember my soon to be ex-hair :( HAHA! 

Have a nice day guys! XO

Mint Green Shirt: Forever21
 Bodycon Skirt: Forever21
3.1 Phillip Lim Cody D'orsay Heels in Clear replica c/o ShopJessicaBuurman.com

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  1. Ilove love love this outfit!!


  2. Love your bag!
    and I hate the rules of how you need to look for work, having pastel hair doesnt make you bad at a job :( :(


  3. Haha I know it's really sad to have to conform to the business world's standards but alas that's all a part of being a grownup and getting a big-girl job T__T Good luck!!


  4. Too bad about your hair, maybe you can dye it another magical way, but making sure they would hire you, I don't know..mmm, is it red allow for jobs?

  5. Awww, sad to hear the mermaid hair go! But I guess being employed makes up for it... a bit... hahaha, anyway love the outfit here! <3

  6. cotton candy colors... looks super awesome.
    I'll miss it too... but you can still style it
    even if you venture to the real world
    Hmmm... Highlights perhaps?

  7. Your hair is really amazing, wish I could dye it like that too ^-^ pretty outfit btw!
    I'm hosting a Minkyshop Giveaway, make sure to check it out dear ^-^


  8. So love this outfit! Especially your shoes *drool*!

  9. just do whatever you like, but make it good :)

    nway nice hair!


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