Outfit: My Summer Uniform

Friday, April 26, 2013

FU double CK T-Shirt : c/o SheInside
Denim Cut Off Shorts : DIY
Bracelets: Forever21
Kimono Print Leather Bag & Cat Shoes: Gift from bf 

Hello hello hello! Once again the sun is shining so bright in the Philippines that no matter how much I love to dress up in layers, I just can't! My default summer uniform nowadays is a comfy shirt paired with denim cut offs, a huge statement bag plus either flip flops or handy dandy flats! But comfortable doesn't always mean sloppy! In choosing my shirts, I always choose the ones which will attract more attention and boy does this shirt attract attention. I think I managed to gather a bunch of hateful looks but also a bunch of "where did she get that shirt; i want one too" kind of looks. Haha! Funny, right? I'm obsessing with a number of statement shirts this summer but the ones with the Channel logo definitely caught my eye! SheInside has a number of awesome statement tees, better check them out!

I know that being comfortable can translate as lazy but choose the RIGHT (not right for me, not right for them but right for YOU) basic pieces and make sure that they still have some oomph to them despite being so comfortable and you'll definitely treasure those pieces forever! Though, I do find it funny how some people wear all these layers here despite the skin burning, face melting heat. Oh God. 5 minutes of that torture and I will definitely faint and lose all 21 years worth of my memories. Lol. Joking. Well anyway, I hope you like my summer uniform as I call it. Have a nice day guys! XO

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Win a $30 shopping spree on Chicnova

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  1. Love the outfit girl! Statement shirts are always fun, unless they're in engrish haha (well I guess theyre funny). Can't wait until the weather's good enough here so I can wear shorts as well. >_<;;

    ★ Cookiie

  2. Love your shorts, and your shirt is awesome haha <3

  3. So in love with your top!!


  4. Awww the cat shoes!! so adorable :c

  5. he t.shirt is simply perfect, I need one for me too >.<

  6. Ugh, I want a shirt like that so bad but with a 3 year old kid, I don't think I'd be setting a good example D:


  7. you hair,it still looks awesome!

    (the only OP comment) lol, but yea. LOVE YOUR OUTFIT <3
    always looks good on you. -jeluz-


  8. Perfect out, omg that shirt I think i'm in love!


  9. loving the shirttttt omg, i wish i had the guts to wear that outside xDD


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