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Friday, April 05, 2013

Hello everyone! I decided to make this post because quite a number of people have been asking me various stuff about my hair and my haircolor so I decided to answer pretty much the most frequently asked questions about having dyed hair, colored hair, pastel hair and the like.

* These photos above are of my recent haircut and hair dye job! I love it a lot!! *

Oh and by the way, I AM NO PROFESSIONAL and the way I do my hair may not be the technically "right" way of doing it but it is just how I prefer to do it. So please no smart-ass comments about how I am doing it wrong or whatevs! It's my hair and I can do anything I want to it.

Okay so let's start!

  • When did you first dye your hair?
    • I started dyeing my hair when I was about 15 or so. Maybe too early for some but what the heck.
  •  Where do you get your hair done? 
    • I am a cheap ass and I'm very sensitive to comments leaning towards my hair so I prefer to dye my hair at home! I do recommend you go to a stylist to have your hair bleached in order to save your hair and make it less damaged, I guess. 
  •  What kind of bleach do you use?
    • Now this is kind of tricky because I never use one brand. I just use the one that I can find in the local stores here in the Philippines. So for this questions, I firmly answer ANYTHING YOU CAN GET A HOLD OF! Haha! But again I recommend you go to a stylist for the bleaching process because it's the most tedious part!
  • How do you bleach your hair?
    •  I bleach my hair in stages! NEVER IN ONE GO! Please  DO NOT DO THAT! I did that to my beautiful long hair and it turned it into mush * u *  Plus, I never leave the bleach on my hair for more than 15 minutes! 
  • Do you tone your hair before dyeing it a pastel color?
    • Surprisingly I do not! I know you are supposed to tone your hair to get rid of all the yellow but luckily my hair is kind of good to me and it just does what I expect it to do. After I bleach my hair it turns out to be a light yellow but I really don't get the need to tone it anymore. *bad ass lol* I just use those pretty pastel dyes and my hair pretty much is good to go.
  •  How do you bleach your eyebrows?
    • HAHAHAH! Just hahaha! I do NOT bleach my eyebrows. I have super light brows which can be sometimes undetectable by the naked eye and that is one of my biggest insecurities. =.=" I think my eyebrows look bleached because of how light they are and I still can't decide on whether or not it's a good or bad thing. Lol. 

  • Do you dye your hair alone?
    • NO I DO NOT! Actually my mother helps me! Love you mum! <3
  • What brand of hair dye do you use?
    •  I only use washable hair dyes because I am very fickle minded and I want to change colors quite frequently! PLUS they don't damage your hair but they do fade or rinse out pretty quickly! My favorite brand is Special Effects! I detest Manic Panic.. I'm sorry MP fans.
  • Where do you get your hair dye?
    • If you live in the Philippines like me, you cannot buy these dyes locally but I guess you can get them online or through relatives living outside! But if you live in other parts of the globe, these dyes are fairly easy to get a hold of for you all you lucky people.  
  • How frequently do you wash your hair?
    • I wash my hair daily... I KNOW. HAHA! I'm sorry. I know it's bad to do this especially when you have bleached hair but Fuck It, I live in a tropical country for Pete's Sake. My hair holds up pretty nicely and I love it so much for toughing it up for me.  The color fades pretty quickly but it's okay, I can live with faded hair but with feeling hot, NO I CAN NOT! 
  •  Have you tried mixing the hair dye?
    • I haven't and I don't want to try. Typically, I will just buy another tube than mix two colors because I know that in the end I will just create a crappy color and just waste the dye. Lol. 

So that's all for the questions! I hope you liked that post and if you have other questions feel free to ask! I'm always open for questions! It's funny because I was supposed to make a VLOG to answer these questions instead but I felt weird in front of the camera. HAHA! Do you want me to make VLOGs next time? Tell me!! Have a nice day guys!

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  1. I love your hair!
    It'd be cool if you did Vlogs!

  2. Really interesting post, I love how your hair looks in the pics, purple and blue, awesome. I wanted to dye my hair at home, but I cannot find the tones for dying it, so I always have to go to the hairdresser, such a waste!

  3. i want your hair! i never thought you dyed your hair on your own. amazing! <#

  4. Your hair is soo pretty *o* Definitely mermaid hair hehhe :P

  5. So pretty!
    I secretly want your hair but no one around me would let me do it xD

  6. Ohhhhh my goodness the colors are gorgeous, especially that under dye!

  7. This is the prettiest colour ever, wow!

  8. I dye my own hair too! *high five* I'm very hesitant when people ask for advice on how to bleach their hair as light as mine. I'm very used to damaged hair, but I feel like other people would cry. hahaha

  9. beautiful! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  10. pretty girl!
    Much love,

  11. waw.. amazing.. love the hair colour...
    would you like to follow each other?


  12. Your looks beautiful many thanks for share with us your FAQ
    Really MP not is a good brand!


  13. I love your hair colour. The blue hue is just perfect!!

  14. Even though henna is used primarily as a hair dye colouring, it has some great beneficial 'side effects', including strengthening and thickening of the hair while giving it great sheen and lustre.

    natural henna hair dye

  15. Lovely color, really suits you! Thinking about dying my hair a pastel shade and this helped me a tonnn. Thanks, Marion.


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