Review: Kevin Beautymaker Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Pressed Powder (#1 Light)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Since I've used the Hada Labo lotion, I've been wanting to try out more skincare and makeup items which contain Hyaluronic Acid. After seeing this pressed powder in I immediately wanted to try it out! 

This powder is very unusual because it makes me look matte but when the day goes by it makes my skin have this really pretty dewy look that I love. It's like I have the nicest matte AND dewy BB cream. Your skin will look dewy but will not look oily. The only con I have for this powder is that it's a bit too light for me. I think I picked out the wrong shade T^T Haha! I think this has 2 darker shades but I will still use it because I love it to bits and it's such a shame for me not to. I put on this powder after putting on my BB Cream then I'm all good to go. It covers pores quite well but it doesn't necessarily gets rid of them a 100%. Plus THE BEST THING ABOUT IT - it doesn't break me out! Yay! You can check this out HERE.

The last photo is a photo of me using this powder after I applied my Missha Choboyang BB Cream. Nice eh? * 3 * I'm inlove!

The powder is really worth trying out; And it's on sale too! Instead of getting it for $34.68, you can now get it for $28.90! Go and get it guys!

Hope you found this review useful! Till the next post!

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  1. Love hair color with green lenses, simply gorgeous

  2. Thanks for the review, will check this out because i am addicted to hyaluronic acid products lol

  3. Love your hair. Love your eyes! you're very pretty dear!
    I wonder why "people hate you" as you've said in your about me. :/
    anyway, I hope you can drop by my blog too! :)

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  4. ooh, you're using hadalabo lotion too, which one, shirojyun or gokujyun? I'm using the shirojyun line, but the milk is too rich for me > .<

  5. thanks for the powder review! you're pretty :3

  6. You are so beautiful! I really love your blog and your style, you really suit your hair colour too. This is an excellent review too, thank you! I absolutely love your blog, I can't believe I have only just found it! Definitely following :)

  7. da fuq. i'm in love with your hair! and is your skin usually oily or combination? because i have such oily skin and i want a good powder D: ugh

  8. Wow you look like a model @_@ good job...

  9. nice post.

    follow me please :)

  10. oh waw, pressed powder pact with hyaluronic acid in it <33 seems interesting enough to try ~~ thanks for the review ^-^ you look pretty btw~

  11. if your skin in that photo is any indication of the product it gets a thumbs up by me!
    xx rae

  12. I'm always very precautious when it comes to unknown brands like that! $20 seems to be a bit too much for a powder. But then again, Asian skin products are known to be pretty good~~ hmm...

  13. Great review! I will definitely look out for this powder. I love your hair btw, it's a gorgeous color!♥


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