Outfit: Richard Parker

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I just recently watched The Life of Pi and it was beautiful. I know tigers and leopards aren't the same but I swear, I see Richard Parker whenever I look into my sweater's eyes. HAHA! Well anyway, I always did have this cat addiction but I think it increased a whole lot after watching the movie. The last time me and my boyfriend went shopping, I think I bought another top with a leopard on it too!

Plus in these photos you can see my short lived pastel pink hair. I placed blue dye on top of it and it just ruined the pink. *Idiot* Haha! Well anyway, I'm thinking about changing it back to pastel pink after a while. I still don't know though. What do you guys think? Any hair ideas?  Tell me! My classmates want me to dye my hair black! Noooo.

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  1. In love with this outfit!!! :D


  2. I love cats <3 and tops with the design or their face I love! haha
    As for your hair.. I like the color it is now, but I haven't seen you with black hair yet :3

  3. Noooooo don't go black!! I love it this color but think lavender would look great as well :)


  4. The top is so nice! Our bags look the same haha. No!!! Don't Dye it black!!! I regret going black really.

  5. Oh wow the sweater is really nice!
    Dye it SILVER!!!

  6. Can I have your bag? I love it! I think you would look great with black hair but I'm kinda partial to it lol...

  7. Love the whole style of your outfit!
    GASP! Creepers! >w< I'm really lusting after a pair, haha! >w<
    I'm no hair expert, but if I was, I would give you tips! ^w^


  8. super cute sweater and shoes! where'd you get them? *__*

  9. Love your outfit esp the skirt and the socks! Hehe. ;-D Hmm. what about dyeing it brown again? Ehehe. :-))


  10. Looove the knit + skirt + tights + socks.

  11. I looove how your hair looks in pink <3


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