Outfit: Christmas

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Well well well. Another late post. Haha. Just finishing up these late outfit posts and I promise to cook up something new and exciting soon! And if you viewed the pictures down below before reading this paragraph you may notice that YES, I did chop off my long hair. Haha. Yes. Even I can't believe it myself. Lol. Well anyway, I love my new hair but still I miss my long hair. Sigh. Girl problems.

The title of the blog post may have given you a hint. YES AGAIN. This is what I wore on our Christmas Party! Sorry for not having the luxury of having the talent of thinking up the most creatively amazing titles for my blog posts. I think I will get better at this. But then again. The question is when. Hahaha.

Well to avoid being a big huge cliche I opted not to wear the most overused holiday colors which are... Yes you are obviously right. RED AND GREEN. To represent me and my sparkly personality I wore something with a tinge of gold. Yay me for avoiding the red and green cliche Christmas bullet this holiday season. Lol.

So I wore this super cute gold and cream sweater with a super cute flowy cream skirt then I kept everything else simple and neat. I wanted to look as simple as possible and let my sparkly personality shine through. But then again that was just a joke. I kept everything simple just because I wanted to concentrate on the important stuff which were the friends and family I was surrounded with. Hmm well that sounded pretty corny too but love is supposed to be corny right. The good kind of corny. The good kind. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season as I have. I am pretty thankful for everything that happened this past year. I hope you will all promise to remember that the important things are usually the ones we ignore often so let's just slow down and ponder on the things important to us and be thankful that we still have them. Sorry for the super corny entry but as I have said earlier; love is supposed to be corny. Hmm. So maybe that means.. Yes. I love you guys! ♡

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  1. u look fresh with ur new cut :) love ur outfit :D

  2. So cute, I really love the asian outfits, you asian girls are the cutest thing in the world!

  3. The simplicity of the outfit is really cute on you!! And your haircut looks wonderful as well; I completely understand loving having shorter hair but missing having longer hair haha. The things us girls stress about :p


  4. Marion, I really LOVE your shorter hair, it looks great *w* Just wanted to say!
    The sweater is cute, want it. (:


  5. I suck at titles too..your outfit is just so cozy, perfect for Christmas.


  6. I prefer your short hair over your long hair! You look great :)

  7. What a cool holiday outfit! The cream and gold looks really angelic.

  8. Such a cute comfy outfit, you look so great!

  9. Cute I love it :D the colors go really well together! I also love your new hair you look great with short hair!

  10. You still look cute^_^ I am loving the hair:)

  11. Looks cute and very innocent!

  12. You look pretty with your new hair! And your outfit looks so fresh! Ehehe. Happy new year! ^-^


  13. you look really sweet in very light colours with the beige and white <3
    would you like to follow each other?

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    thank you.

  15. cute outfit!!!!
    looks really great on you.. =)
    already followed you..



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