New Diamond Lash Series (Little Wink)

Okay okay. It's really evident that I'm addicted to Diamond Lash and I was really happy to see these new babies that have been recent additions to the Diamond Lash family! :-) Welcome the Little Wink Series (リトルウィンクシリーズ). These lashes were designed to be natural but still with volume.

Is it me or are these lashes kind of in the same range as the Dollywink Otona lashes. IDK :) Hahaha. Rivalry is such an amazing thing.

Anyway, the trays are light green BTW. My favorite tray color as of the moment.
Same as the previous series, it still comes with 5 pairs of lashes and it's still 1,050yen for a tray. There are 4 upper lashes, 1 partial lash and 1 bottom lash.

ウィンク Eye / Wink Eye

エアリー Eye / Airy Eye

シークレット Eye / Secret Eye

ロマンス Eye / Romance Eye

ミューズ Eye / Muse Eye

ハニー Eye / Honey Eye

I love the lower lashes so much! I think I will buy a pack soon! It looks like a beautiful lovechild of Dollywink Real Nude and Dollywink Baby Girl! So pretty! 

Which ones do you like? :-)

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Outfit: Gloomy weather, why oh why?

Last weekend, the weather was really gloomy. The sun was so shy, she only showed us a few rays of sunlight for the day. I kind of like weather like that though. Really chill. :) BUT NOW, the sun turned into a wild child or maybe yet a mean girl. IT'S SO HOT! SCORCHING REALLY. Hahahaha. Well anyway, it's not like I can control the sun via ranting. Here's what I wore last weekend:

Top: Thrifted | Detachable Collar: DIY | Necklace: Forever21 | Shoes: Primadonna

I've been wearing denim shorts a lot lately! I can really feel summer coming. Or maybe yet, I think summer is actually here. I'm already excited to go to the beach after a million months of not seeing the beach.

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Outfit: A quick break from all the dainty things

This is a really really late post! All photos are from last last wednesday! :-) I've been a really sloppy blogger. Hahaha. Well anyway, Just for a day, I wanted to wear something un-dainty. Because I've been in florals and lace on a roll these past months. So just once, a breath of fresh air. Hahaha.

Okay. Okay. I admit it. I wasn't able to let go of the dainty things completely. I still wore some lace socks to add a bit of me in this outfit. -___- My dear lace socks have grown quite loose though. They're growing old.

Oh by the way, I'd also like to introduce everyone to my second addiction nowadays! CHEESE STICK DYNAMITE! Yummmmm. My first addiction is Ginger Tea btw.

HAHAHAHA. I can't even. This next photo of me is just... nevermind :))

AND BTW, For everyone who asked how I make my ginger tea, I will make a post soon! :) 
You will see how sloppy I am in the kitchen! HAHAHAHA!

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I'm getting really addicted to Ginger tea!

I've been drinking more of this stuff than water. It's really addicting :O

So..... It made me curious that's why I googled it! (>w<)

And I was amazed. It has so many benefits. I can't even.... But what I was mostly concerned about was it's benefits for my skin. Because as you all know, I have been suffering pretty bad skin lately. But it's becoming a lot better now. I switched to mineral makeup too. I bade farewell to my foundations and bb creams. But remember that this is not forever! Hahaha.

Well anyway, here are some awesome effects of ginger tea!
First is that it's support to improve your skin tone because it fights skin-damaging free radicals and it also promotes smoothness of skin and evenness in skin tone! Uhuh! Second is, it can lighten age spots! It can boost blood circulation that's why ginger is used in cellulite reducing treatments! And last is my favorite one. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, that's why it can naturally fight acne and the pesky bacteria that cause the ugly bumps!

Maybe it's because I'm going through so much stress this semester or something but I've become really addicted to this stuff. I really recommend this to people who are going through rough times, it calms me down and makes me relaxed.

A really random post but I hope you like it!

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Valentines Day Shoutout plus Giveaway

Valentines day inspires me a ton. I really love watching romantic movies and dramas and mostly it's because I love the feeling that I get when I watch them. I get all giddy and mushy, like a little girl. >w< And just like watching these, I get all giddy when watching cute couples pass by too. I'm such a sucker for anything romantic and sweet. Maybe it's the girl in me that's kicking in because I'm a tomboy most of the time.

I have some Valentines Day picks I want to share with you guys, just to inspire you to doll up this Valentines day. SINGLE OR NOT, these would look amazing on YOU. No sulking for those single on Valentines Day. Because... IT'S NOT JUST FOR A BOYFRIEND, IT'S FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WE LOVE, May it be our mother, sister, dad, or girlfriends, YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY AND YOU SHOULDN'T FEEL LEFT OUT ON THIS BLISSFUL HOLIDAY. Why? It's simply because, love comes from a lot of sources, not just a boyfriend or a girlfriend. This is a shout out to everyone who feels "alone" this season of love. I have read so much negative tweets on twitter and I just wanted to send a shoutout to anyone who feels "unloved" as stated in the tweets! Just remember that you're amazing and smile because you are loved! Spread the love everyday! NOT JUST ONE DAY! :) ♥ 

Well enough with the corny mushy stuff and on to the eyecandy!! The clothes! 

Of course, the obligatory Little Red Dress is forever a staple for this holiday!

Maybe something dark and sexy! Very mode gyaru! ;)

But something light and pure will suit this day too. For an innocent and romantic image!
And as expected these pieces are my favorite! :) 

All dresses are from ClubCouture. You can check them out here: www.clubcouture.cc
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Well on to the giveaway! 

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Review: Kanebo Freshel White-C BB Cream

As many had noticed from my other posts, I'm not really a fan of BB creams just simply because they break me out. =_= But I don't hate bb creams in general. Some of them I quite like. One example is my Kanebo BB Cream! :) This is a Japanese bb cream and I guess that's why I kind of like it because unlike my korean bb creams this one does not feel as heavy on my face! I have super duper oily and sensitive skin. AND it sucks big time. I can't use many products that I purchase. So yes yes yes, I'm wasting money. BUT NEVER ON PURPOSE! I think I'm really thrifty! ;) Lol.

Well anyway, I love the fact that this came in a squeeze tube. I'm not a fan of complicated packaging! EVEN IF IT IS PINK AND CUTE. Well.... wait. Maybe I'm a fan. Hahaha. Anyway, the packaging is certainly simple and in some ways, boring. But anyway, the product itself is great. so enough bitching about the boring *cough* container! 

What surprised me the most is that this bb cream did not have a gray cast. ALMOST ALL bb creams I tried had this ugly gray cast. :/ Which made me look ghastly and pale. This had a yellow undertone which is very very rare in a bb cream!

The consistency of this bb cream is quite unique too! It's not as thick as other bb creams I've tried. This has got to be the runniest I've tried! But it makes application really easy! While it's coverage may not be full it still has decent enough coverage for daily use. It can cover redness and pores but for deep discolorations, you still need a separate concealer :)

The oil control of this product is so-so on me. But I find that when I use this, my skin doesn't look as gross when it's oily. It looks kind of dewy so two thumbs up for that. The finish of this bb cream is dewy too. So for those who want a matte look, better set this one with powder. Me, I always set my foundation/bb cream with powder.

This bb cream contains Collagen, Hyaluronic Acids, Silk Essence and a Whitening Formula. So it's really good for your skin. It also has SPF 41! So hurray for sunblock and whitening. It may look quite weird and yellow when not blended properly but after you do, it looks like a dream. I swear.


  • It's creamy and easy to blend.
  • It has a yellow undertone to it!
  • It has SPF 41!
  • It didn't feel heavy or greasy on my face.
  • It has light coverage but can be built up to get medium coverage.
  • It's not heavily scented (THANK GOD!)

  • It doesn't have a matte finish.
  • It's quite expensive! Much more expensive than my Korean BB Creams :O
  • The oil control is so-so. But then again, I have really oily skin.

Overall Rating: I'd give it 3.5 stars just because of my acne. Though it doesn't break me out, it doesn't help breakouts too. But I'm glad I have this because most bb creams I tried actually made my skin worse :/ 

Will I repurchase this bb cream? As of now, I will! But I'm still on the lookout for my perfect foundation/bb cream! :) 

I highly recommend this bb cream to those who didn't like Korean bb creams. This is actually quite nice. It may not be as cheap but the product is of high quality so it's worth the money!

Thank you for reading this review! I hope you like this and find it informative! 

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Outfit: Whimsy and wonder.

The busy school schedule doesn't permit me to wear anything nice so I'm just normally stuck wearing jeans and shirts, because school doesn't allow us to wear shorts or skirts that are not below the knee, so in other words only maxis, jeans, and tights are allowed and I've been wearing maxis quite often so no no no more to maxis for only a couple of days. Hahaha. 

Well, it was also my boyfriend's birthday so I decided to wear something with a pop of red for goodluck. Yes yes. It's because of my chinese roots! Hahahah. I wore my DIY detachable collar again to make the outfit more youthful looking. I've been looking for more materials to make detachable collars again. I've been dying to make one that's more structured and more "mature" for a more otona look. 

BUT I THINK I'D NEVER LOOK OTONA. EVER. Hahaha. People always tell me that I look like a kid. >w< No one wants mature marion. Hahaha. 

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Outfit: Look on the bright side!

Phew. I was really scared yesterday! Because I couldn't log in to blogger and my blog was nowhere to be found. I almost cried. Luckily, after some time, it came back. Oh happy. :') I didn't realize how important this blog was to me until yesterday. Yes bloggu, I love you so much. Please don't scare me like that EVER AGAIN!

Well, anyway, the sun was shining so bright so I decided to wear something somewhat loose but I added the crochet cardigan to make it more feminine and to add more shape to my body. The shirt was so loose that I looked so.... nevermind. Hahaha. I decided to use my elf and/or fairy shoes too! They're super comfy and the leather is so soft that they almost feel like cloth. They remind me of peter pan's shoes!

Well, a lot of people have been telling me that I gained weight. And I also noticed that my school uniform is getting really tight and definitely not in the right places! And I also noticed that my nose is getting bigger. I mean, not bigger but larger than my usual nose. IDK. Haha. I find it weird. I will definitely go on a diet soon. Yeah. Soon. -_- I'm am never good with diets and I think I never will be. And one more thing, someone sent me a message asking if I photoshop my photos. 

YES! I do photoshop my photos. A lot of my photos. Maybe even all. Haha. I'm addicted to making my face smaller (and nose too!) and making my skin nicer. Because I have crappy skin nowadays. :( I'm not going to lie and say that I never photoshop my photos, that's how much I love doing it. There's no harm in making yourself look prettier. And btw, I have had enough of those "You're only pretty in photos because you photoshop them a lot" comments. I never understand people like those. If you don't like my photos, please don't look at them.  There are a lot of people like this in school with nothing to do but criticize me. 

Sorry for the somewhat long rant! I hope you get my point! *u*
Photos by my boyfriend. Thank you! 

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I just signed up for Bloglovin'

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

It's because many have been asking if I have a Bloglovin' account and I just couldn't figure out what is this for and what's it all about, I'm just going to wing it. Hahaha.


Haul: My birthday presents from Me!

'Cause I love myself so much, I decided to give myself some new babies to play around with this 2012. I have not used some of these though. :)

Well, anyway, I got the Candydoll Concealer in no. 1, Candydoll Powder Foundation in no. 1, Diamond Lash Dolly Eye, and Diamond Lash Sexy Eye.

I wanted to get the Candydoll Liquid Foundation too but I ran out of money. Hahaha! :<

Anyone want me to review these? Just tell me! :D

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