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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Konichiwa everyone! 

My birthday is coming up in just a few days and I've been busy looking up online for possible gifts to give myself. HA HA! Talk about being so Forever Alone. Pshhhh! 
Every time I write a blog post, my mind goes completely blank. I'm not sure if I'm just a super boring person with nothing to share of if I'm just having a hard time writing blog posts. Haha. You decide.

Well anyway, I'm just going to to talk about my outfit to spare everyone from me and my somewhat blah writing skills. Hahaha!

For starters, can I just gush about my black lace skirt which I got on sale. Mind you, it's prettier in real life! It perfectly matches my black lace socks, which is one of my favorites in my sock collection. And because it was a school day, I dressed it down by wearing a light denim button down. What's more dressed down than denim.... -___- Hahaha. BTW, please excuse my eyebrows. I've been taking a break from doing anything to them because of some small pimples forming on that area, maybe it's because of my new Etude House eyebrow kit. Well I don't exactly know for sure. But well anyway, I'm inlove with black lacey stuff forever and I can't wait to use this skirt for other coordinates!

Oh and btw, I just wanted to share my lovely view while I was sipping on my Frappuccino! The huge Christmas tree looked super pretty. IDK why but I just love Christmas, it just warms me up whenever I see some Christmas related stuff near me. It made my somewhat blah day worth it by staring at the Christmas tree. It actually made Starbucks quite pretty and peaceful that day!

Well anyway, got to go! Hope you liked this outfit post! Till next time!

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