Outfit: 24

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello everyone! I still have some left over photos with my old hair and while looking at these photos may I just say, OMG I MISS MY OLD HAIR..... *cries* #GirlProblems Hahahaha! I mean I love my new hair color to bits but when I saw these I was like.... O m g.... I want to get my old hair back. Hahaha. Well anyway, enough with the drama and on to the outfit!

I never did like red and I rarely even have red clothes but what a shocker... Here I am posting photos of me wearing a red dress! Ha ha. Even I shock myself! Well anyway, I got this dress for 5 USD only!! Super cheap and of fine quality too. I got it at Sammydress.com! You guys should check the site out! They offer amazing stuff at low low prices! I wore it with a sheer button down and sheer stockings too! I think the outfit looked okay. Ha ha! Even after typing this whole paragraph about my outfit, I still am thinking about my old hair color. Hahaha! WHUT! Well anyway, got to go to school so catch you guys later! Stalk me on twitter and/or instagram for more updates; it's @forestdoll for both accounts! Bye guys!

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