I think I eat too much. Lol

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hello everyone! Actually I'm now in class and it's super boring. Hahaha. What better way to cure my boredom than typing out a blog entry. Wow naman. What a great student I turned out to be. Well anyway, as I was browsing through my phone's image gallery.. I began to mentally salivate. I didn't realize that almost all my photos on instagram were of food.. FOODPORN. Omg.

So much food. So that's why some of ny clothes were becoming to grow tight and quite uncomfortable. Ha ha ha. But what the heck.. Goodness gracious. This is food we're talking about. Who could resist it? I know I can't! Ha ha.

I'm leaving you guys with some of my yummy food photos. Sorry for the super KADUPER random post. Ha ha. I'm starting to use my blog for fun rather than using it for some stuck up pretending to be someone I'm not kind of thing! Idk. Super random but I hope you'll like it ♥

INSTAGRAM: @forestdoll

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