Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello everyone! :-) 

First of all sorry for being MIA for a long long LONGGGG time. Maybe some people already read about my thesis and the toll it's taking on my blogging time in a previous blog entry but I would just like to tell everyone that me and my groupmates had our thesis defense yesterday and we PASSED. Oh happy day. All our hard work actually mattered. Well anyway, now that that's over, I can now sleep for 8 hours again and actually do NOTHING for a change. Hahaha. 
And now that I passed my thesis, I can actually proudly post these photos below. A few months ago, we had our yearbook photos taken wherein the in the first part, it was the photo where we wore the toga and in the second part we were supposed to wear something that would describe us or something like that. So here's what I wore for the second part. I actually made that floral crown thing the night before the shoot. I used white and pink artificial flowers and lots of wire and floral tape. Well anyway, I paired the floral crown with my Earth, Music and Ecology loose dress for a Mori Girl / fairy-ish vibe and brown sandals. I went fairly light on my makeup too and I made my hair be curly even for a day. :-) I usually don't curl my hair so it's stuck in it's boring straight stage all the time. Well I hope you like this outfit.

| Dress: Earth Music and Ecology | Sandals: Primadonna | Floral Crown: DIY |

I hope you're all glad that I'm back, cause I really missed blogging :(
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  1. hello, i just found your blog through natalie's blog. i have no fashion sense whatsoever. And i doubt if i will ever have the courage to dress up like you do. I just want to let you know that i enjoyed looking at your photos. You are so unique. :) I like this post. You look so pretty and all.


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