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Sunday, August 12, 2012

On lazy days like this, I like to go online window shopping and I found a new webstore which sells amazing stuff with low prices. GoodKoop sells stuff I see in other webstores but for less! :-) So, they're really one to watch out for. While browsing their items, I saw some stuff I love and I realized that everything I like was in the color brown or tan, so thus the title. Hahaha! :-) 

One reason why I like items in Tan or Brown is that they mix well with the items in my closet. So easy for me to mix and match. And the second is that they never go out of style!! :-) THEY NEVER DO! Trust me. Hahahaha! And being such a cheap person, this helps quite a lot with staying in style and keeping a buget at the same time. I really commend that people stock up with timeless classic pieces that won't look drab any time soon! 

Well anyway, here are the items I love from the GoodKoop website:

The first are these creeper-ish looking brogues in Tan! It was just love at first sight! I love love love brogues and I love creepers too sooo... The combination of the two is just divine. And for just $14.00 ~ They're definitely a steal!! :-O You can get this HERE.

The next are these cute Leopard printed flats which I always see in other webstores but they're so expensive, ranging from 50-70 dollars but when I saw in GoodKoop that they were only $19.99 I was in shock!! :-O You can get this HERE.

The third is these super duper cute moccasins!! :-O They're so cute I can't even comment a whole lot about them. They speak for themselves!! Ahaha. They're just so darling. I can wear them with any outfit and still look cute and not to mention that they're only $16.00!! Shocker! You can view this product HERE.

And my last pick is this lovely bag from GoodKoop which you can get HERE. You can use it as a body bag or a bagpack! It looks like those cute bags ulzzangs wear! :-) And it's only for $29.99. I love how classy and elegant this looks.  

Well that's it for my GoodKoop wishlist. I hope you had fun reading this. And I also hope this helped you out! I'm just glad that I'm able to share what I love with everyone! Thank you for reading and I hope to talk to you all soon! :-)

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