Review: Kracie Petit Moi Oil Hyaluronic Acid Oil Blotting Paper

Monday, August 06, 2012

Hello everyone! :-) Sorry for being such a bad blogger and being AWOL for long periods of time. But I promise, after I pass my thesis, I can hopefully blog more! 

Well anyway, I'm here to review another product I got from ArtieStyle. It's my new blotting sheets! And I swear it looks so cute. It's pink and adorable. It blends in pretty well with all the items inside my bag. One thing I like about this blotting paper was that it contained Hyaluronic Acid which I know hydrates my skin. So it kinda does a good job with removing oil and adding lacking moisture to my skin too! It also contains 120 sheets versus some brands which only contain about 50 or 60 sheets. I like this product but I prefer using tissue to blot my face mostly because I have super duper oily skin and I have to use 3 sheets of this to remove most of the oiliness, but for a blotting paper I probably have to give it a thumbs up! I like the Gatsby oil blotting sheets also so if you can't get these, you can check those out as I know you can get those locally.

Well well well. SEE HOW CUTE THIS LOOKS!! :-D

Thanks for reading and see you next time!! 

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  1. The packaging is adorable <3 thank you for the review :)


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