Review: Buty Color Handmade Lower Criss-Cross Eyelashes (S22)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello everyone. Just as promised I'm now here with a new lower lash review :-) It's amazing to have even one day that I can wear my falsies! I'm so busy now that I don't have any time left to make myself look pretty T___T Sucky but hopefully, every sacrifice I have made and will make until the Thesis defense will be worth it. Hahaha. Enough with the serious stuff and on to the lashes. I got these from KKCenterHK which you may obviously know, I love love love their lashes and this one doesn't differ.

I promise I took a photo of the box and the lashes but I don't know what happened to the photos :( So I will just use stock images :-D HAHA! So Ta-Da!! Here are the lashes!

I actually cut mine into two parts and sticked them on to the outer corners of my eyes! :-D And I must say they look amazing!! They don't look fake and weird on my eyes. So two thumbs up for that. They do have a transparent lash spine but it's kind of thick so maybe that's one thing I hate about it but I can bare with it. It's actually note noticeable when you wear eyeliner on the bottom lash line. But all in all, I like it and I think it's a good value for money considering that I cut them in half all the time. 

Nice eh? :-) I really do recommend these lashes! They're not flimsy too so they're definitely ones to look out for if you want natural looking bottom lashes, not those scary spidery kinds because the length of these lashes are just right! :-D

You can get these here:

Check out KKCenterHK for more amazing lashes.
If you plan on buying from them, use the code "Forestdoll" to get 10% off on all your purchases!

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