Review: Amore Pacific Han Yul Purity BB Cream SPF35/PA++

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hello everyone! :-) First of all I'm really sorry for being really sloppy and for not being able to blog more religiously. It's my last year as an Uni student and I plan on giving it my best and also I've been through a really crappy time these past weeks soo... Hahaha. NVM. Anyway, I've been using a new BB Cream and I just wanted to share it with you guys :-) 

I got it from Amore Pacific. And may I just say that browsing this page will definitely give people like me those pretty glittering eyes. SO MUCH WANT IN ONE WEBSTORE. HAHAHAHA ; _ ; Well anyway, this BB Cream is from Hannule but they also offer a lot of awesome brands like Laneige, IOPE, and Mamonde! The Laneige stuff look so pretty :-O I want everything. Tsk. Okay enough. On to the review. :-)

I got the Hannule Purity BB Cream in #2 :-) And first of all, I would just like to point out that this is my nicest looking BB Cream in terms of packaging!! It looks so cute :-O Purple and gold never looked this good before. O__O And it has gold roses on the box too!! So much win in the packaging. And another thing I like is the fact that it's in a squeezy tube :-) I hate BB Creams in tubs. IDK why they even created tubs for makeup. Tsk. Hahahaha. So two thumbs up for packaging. :> VERY VERY PRETTY INDEED.

I've been using this BB Cream for about a couple of weeks straight now and as much as I'd want to love this BB Cream, my skin is just too oily for it. T__T I live in a tropical country and it's impossible to be oil free after 3-4 hours. Hahaha. But I like how moisturizing and nice this feels on my skin. I mean if I'd happen to have dry skin, I'd probably love this even more. I like using this bb cream when I know I will be inside an air-conditioned area for the rest of the day. So I'd definitely recommend this BB Cream for people with dry or normal skin. :-) The coverage and undertone is nice too! It brightens up my skin pretty darn well too :-) It may appear quite light on the skin when freshly applied but after a while, it blends in pretty good. But with my super dark acne scars, I still need to put on concealer. But that's just me! I let my friend use this BB Cream and she loves it so much!! Lucky her. 

You can find this BB Cream here:
And you can visit Amore Pacific for more awesome items too! This is their webstore:

Well anyway, sorry for the super short entry. I will post an outfit entry and the giveaway winner soon! Please stay in touch! :-) Thanks for reading!!

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