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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hello everyone! Sorry for ignoring my blog for these past few days. It's because school's just starting here and there's so much documents to process -_- Damn. But anyway, since I'm in a uniform (Which I blogged about HERE) 5 days a week, and I have nothing new to share, I decided to post a What's in my school bag entry! I mean, it's not that interesting but I don't know. I just wanted to share. Lol. Well anyway, let's start.

To start this entry, of course I have to introduce my school bag. It's my Kitson sequined tote from Japan. It's in pink and blue and it's super sparkly. Actually, the main reason why I like this bag is that it's popular in Japan even though it's from LA. IDK, I guess it's because of Japan's addiction with Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton loves Kitson bags too so yeah... HAHA! I'm a fan too so... you get the picture. Well anyway, another reason why I like this bag is because it grabs so much attention. As you all know, my uniform is a blue and black office looking outfit so I need something to spruce up my uniform and ta-da, this is just perfect. I don't care if people hate it or what. It's also pretty roomy and it has enough pockets for all my stuff. So nothing to bitch about this bag though the sequins do sometimes feel a bit scratchy but it's okay.

Next up are my notebooks! I'm a huge fan of cute notebooks so I don't care if I'm old. I WILL STILL BUY THEM CUTE NOTEBOOKS AT THE AGE OF 60! Hahahaha. The writings on the notebooks are all written in ENGRISH! Hahaha. So cute. I can't even unlike them. Hahaha! Okay. Enough.

Next up is my pens and my pencil case. I only bring a few pens to school because I normally just lose them -_- Hahaha. I'm such a klutz in everything I do. The retractable pens are in pastel colors and I found them super duper cute!! And I love using simple pencil cases because I can see right through them and I can easily know if I lost a pen or not. Hahahah! I also bring a mechanical pencil to school but I lost it today so... T_T

My fan! IT'S MY SAVIOR!! This is one important item!! I live in a super hot country and my school doesn't have air-conditioners everywhere so I definitely need this. No need for explanation!! Hahahhaa!

My wallet/coin purse is another important item inside my bag. I'm not really a fan of those chunky wallets. I just find them heavy and irritating. :/ But they do look pretty though and you can put photos and more junk there than here but I'm contented using a coin purse as my wallet. It does it's job still and it's less troublesome to use and bring.

Ofcourse, I cannot leave the house without my trusty makeup bag which I received recently (I blogged about it HERE) and a pack of tissue! I like to blot my face with tissue than with oil blotting paper. Just one of those personal preference things. I wanted to take a photo of what's inside but I decided to make a new post entitled my everyday school makeup so just wait a bit for that. :-) Basically, I'm pretty fuss free when it comes to school days. Nothing much applied because I always wake up late -_-

Sugary Sweets! I have them scattered all around my bag. Hahaha. I buy a lot of candies so that I can eat some in class because they help me stay awake. If I don't have any, I'll just probably sleep in every class! Hahahaha! And this Minnie mouse candy, I can't point out what it tastes like. O u O I don't get it! Lol. 

My trusty 1 TB external HDD and my trusty iPod touch. (HAHAH I SAY THE WORD TRUSTY SO MUCH BUT WELL WHATEVS) I can never survive riding any means of public transportation without music so duh, I need to have my iPod with me ALL the time. AND I PLAY MUST PLAY GAMES TOO, especially in times when I don't have anyone with me T_T Just so that I won't feel lonely. Oh and, I don't normally bring my external HDD to school but due to the fact that I lost my USB flash drive yesterday I need other means of file transfer....   -___- Oh God, It's only been a week but I'm losing everything already!! Hahaha. And I also noticed that all the gadgets I buy are in black. IDK. I just find black gadgets more classy looking.

My perfume and my bottle of alcohol. I really love this perfume. It smells super nice. Nothing much to blab about here. I'm just a girl who likes to smell good and stay clean. No need for further explanation :-D

And last but not the least is my phone! I had a Little Twin Star theme just yesterday but I decided to change it cause I wanted a more mature theme! So I returned everything to it's default state and I just used an Audrey Kawasaki painting as my wallpaper. I love her BTW! * u * But I think I'll just return to the Kiki and Lala theme soon! HAHA! OH, have you noticed my case isn't the pimped out case (which I blogged about HERE) ? It's because I was afraid of losing any of the stones in school ; _ ; I'm always in the go there so it's best to stick to something simple but still cute so I chose this green jelly case. Still cute but I'm jealous of those cute ass iPhone cases. -_- Sucks. Oh and see my status bar!! I'm on Instagram (@forestdoll) and Kakaotalk (Forestdoll)! Add me up if you want to talk or what!! :-) 

So that was everything inside my bag. I hope you guys had fun reading this as I did typing this storm up! Hahaha. Seriously!! I always have fun blabbing like there's no tomorrow. Anyway, I still have to wake up early for some meeting in school so I love you guys and I will abruptly end here.

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