Product Review: KKCenterHK Handmade Glamour Eyelashes

Monday, June 04, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm finally back with a new blog post. I've been really busy lately because my cousin from Japan just arrived and we've been taking her to different malls and places all week! But anyway, I finally had the chance to squeeze in an entry and luckily, my lashes from KKCenterHK arrived a few days ago and I used them right away! Hahaha. So here I am with a new review. 

Being obsessed with the otona look and mode gyaru look, I tried to stick with natural looking lashes since the last ones I got from KKCenterHK which you can see HERE. They look natural but they look long and lush! I love the length though they're not as long as my other lashes especially the Japanese ones, I still love them. These have a black lash band and I don't know what material it's made from but I don't quite like this kind of lash band. I prefer the clear ones as they're much natural looking but it's still thin and flexible. Oh and btw, from all the KKCenterHK lashes I used these may be the lightest lashes out of all of them. Seriously! They're soooo light and feathery. It amazed me. Well anyway, I love them though they were not as easy to apply as the other KKCenterHK lashes I have. They look super pretty on my eyes too. So no major complaints here!

  • Length:   /5 -- Just the right length for everyday use. Many people would think that these are way too long but I love them Hahahaha   
  • Volume:   /5 -- Not too much volume here as they're quite light and feathery. 
  • Ease of application:   /5 -- I had trouble applying these but they're not super hard to apply though. It's just that they're not that easy to apply just like my dollywink and diamond lashes!
  • Are the lashes reusable? Yes! They're really durable. I have used these consecutively and they still look new!!
  • Are the lashes worth the money? Yes! Definitely! :-) I recommend these to people who're looking for long lashes without much volume :-D

You can get them here:

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I really recommend their lashes. 

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