Outfit: Star Light

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Hello everyone! :-) I've always been a fan of galaxy and milky way prints but this dress is my first galaxy piece. I guess it's because I haven't found any galaxy prints in the clothing sold locally here in my place. But continuing with my addiction to mullet skirts or waterfall skirts, this galaxy dress has to follow too that's why it's just perfect for my style mood this season. I guess I have never been the one to follow one trend and to stick to one genre of clothes. I'm super bipolar when it comes to my clothes but that's what makes shopping and fashion so fun. You get to try out things that you wouldn't imagine you'd wear in a million years and that shocking feeling that it actually looks awesome on you... it's just a really happy feeling. Haha. Oh God. Why am I turning all mushy and corny when in reality I'm just talking about fashion. Hahahaha! 

Well anyway, I paired this beautiful galaxy dress from SheInside with a simple gold necklace because I'm really not a fan of over accessorizing as I feel heavy when I do that. Hahaha. And I also used my new orange bag that looks just so delicious. I've been loving orange these days too. And as for my shoes, I used my black leopard booties as I've been addicted to wearing them too! They're comfortable too! :-) 

| Dress: Sheinside | Bag: Robinsons | Necklace: Taobao | Shoes: Primadonna |

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