Outfit: Lemon Lime

Saturday, June 09, 2012

I've been wearing dark clothing for the past few days and this addiction of mine does include my casual get ups. Some of my friends have been teasing me because of that but bahhh I know they still love me. Hahaha. Well anyway, I decided to color block today just for fun. My friends were expecting to see me in something dark so I'd better surprise them. School is about to start and my summer vacation is about to end and I know that when this semester starts, I will be stressed out. That's a fact because I still need to finish my thesis so that I can hopefully graduate this March. *Fingers crossed*

Well moving on, I was inspired to look like a basket of citrus fruits today because I was eating some lovely citrus fruit chewy candies yesterday. I think I ate a bag and a half. Hahahaha. And now, my teeth kind of hurt but it was worth it! Lol. Well anyway, I hope you like my take on color blocking! 

| Top: Thrifted | Skorts: Phrenzy | Socks: DIY | Shoes: VJ Style |

Oh BTW, I'm inlove with my new skorts from  Phrenzy! They're a pretty shade of green. My mom doesn't like anything green so she doesn't like them ; _ ; Boo. But I love them! I think I'm going to use these babies a lot! Hahahahaha. 

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