Outfit: Fluttering

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello everyone! As you all have noticed I have been wearing Mode Gyaru inspired and grungey inspired outfits for the last few days and my Mori Girl side kinda missed me. So for today, I decided to wear something which I mixed both Mori Girl and Mode Gyaru ~ And again, my addiction for mullet skirts is clearly seen again here. And I'm so happy to be in florals and something frilly again! Yaaaay! 

I wore something Mode Gyaru but when combined with florals and the light creamy Mori Girl color palette, it has been a lovely mix of both. Anyway, I never want to be in one style only. It's always fun to mix and match and sometimes even combine styles. :-) It's all about imagination and finding out what do YOU want to wear. It's never fun to wear something just to appeal to other people or to maybe even please them. I never do get it when other girls conform to what other people tell them and what other people want them to wear. Oh but if it's a parent telling you to do so, I guess you just have to find the right balance of pleasing them and also pleasing yourself. But if a boy or a friend tells you to do so, I'd immediately say, ditch them. Hahahaha. IDK. I just find it weird that some girls are scared to wear a certain something just because their boyfriends or whatever tells them not to! I just don't get it.. Maybe I'm just not comfortable with that idea because you should always wear what you want no matter what other people say. I guess fashion is also a sort medium to express yourself and what you're feeling that is why you can never be in one style only, I guess.

Well okay, I wore a floral button down with those pointy collars, I bought this a long time ago but I never really used it. And I paired it with a flowy baby pink mullet skirt from Phrenzy. Isn't this just the prettiest color? :-) IDK. The frustrated ballerina inside me loves this skirt so much!! Hahahaha! Oh I also wore my peach striped frilly socks I received from my cousin. It made the outfit 1000x cuter!! And I opted to wear my brogues cause I missed them. ; _ ; I haven't been wearing much oxfords these past days and it's good to be back. Hahahaha. I also braided my hair and I made it into a headband. I dub thee the Marion Braided Hairband. Hahaha :-) I think I'm going to do this hairstyle more often. It looks pretty neat and it's super simple too! I think most of you could do this with a blind fold. Hahaha!! Anyway, on to the pictures!!

| Top: Thrifted | Mullet Skirt: Phrenzy | Shoes: Primadonna | 
| Socks: From Japan | Gold Necklace and Bracelets: Butingtings |

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