My pimped out Samsung Galaxy Note case

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello everyone! I pimped out another phone case! :-) I recently received a new phone. It's my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note which I have in black. I previously wanted to get it in white but it kinda looked less elegant I guess. Well anyway, I also wanted to get an iPhone but I watched a drop test on youtube and being such a klutz, I know that more or less, I will drop my phone a lot of times soooo to be on the safe side, I did not get an iPhone :-) Hahahaha! Oh and I will review this phone soon, for my lovely friend Yapo! :-)

Moving on, I used the left over decoden materials from my past decoden attempts sooo I'm just showing you guys the finished product! :-) Like it? My friends found it sooo funny that I made a blinged out case for my new phone because it's been getting too much weird stares from strangers just because of it's sheer size and adding a disturbing case will make people stare more. Hahahaha. Bahhh. I think it's cute and I like it. :-)

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