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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've last reflected and thought about some things I normally don't think deeply about. I mean it's been over a year since I started blurting my thoughts into this thing I call a blog. In the earlier years, I do admit to being not fully committed and not truly being myself in everything I post on this blog but as the days go by, I begin to become really comfortable and sometimes I even begin to think that this blog is just like an extension of me and what I am. I'm more comfortable now and I actually do  not feel the need to hold back. All of the stuff I say or do here is 100% me and I'm glad even though I know that I'm not an extremely interesting person, people still visit my blog and read my crappy entries. So thank you so much guys for supporting this blog and the person behind it. You all have played a huge huge part in why I keep on blogging. Oh and another thing I'm thankful for is the 1000 likes on my facebook page!! Thank you so much everyone ; u ; I hope you all never get tired of me, my potty mouth and my bipolar sense of style!!

Anyway, everyone loves getting hand-written letters and gifts right? I'm not going to be a hypocrite and tell you that blah3 it's better to give than receive. Hahaha. I love giving but the joy of receiving something is just as cool. I received a package from my lovely reader and friend, Andy! So hello Andy, I love you and thank you for the wonderful gift. I will treasure everything especially the handwritten letter (She has really really lovely penmanship!!) ; u ; Andy sent me some false lashes because she knows and I guess everyone knows how addicted I am to them! I'm especially intrigued with the dollywink dupe! They look awesome and I definitely can't wait to use them when I have the time to do some gyaru eyemake! ~ I hope our friendship will last and I really do hope that someday we will meet up! I will definitely tweet you about this so that you will know about this mushy article. Hahaha! :-)

Next up is the lovely gift the people at ELF Cosmetics Philippines sent me. I was so happy that they DM'd me on twitter (@forestdoll) just to ask me if they can send me a gift. I mean, how could anyone say no? ; u ; Such nice people. I haven't had much experience with ELF products as I've always been an asian makeup crazy person. I will try and experiment with western makeup because they're much more cheaper and much more accessible. Anyway, they sent me a pastel makeup pouch which is so so cute. Oh btw, I didn't know what products they were going to send me. And I was extremely happy that it's a makeup pouch just cause my old makeup pouch's zipper just broke about a couple of days ago. So yaaaay!! No need for me to buy a new one. But I was shocked when I opened the pouch cause then I found more ELF goodies, a stick concealer, a liquid eyeliner, a pencil eyeliner, a liner brush , a quad and even a little thank you note. ; w ; I should be the one saying thank you. I wish you goodluck in your new website which is coming really soon BTW and for people living in the Philippines, you can go and check out their recently just launched facebook page and twitter.

Still I cannot thank everyone enough! Just one corny thanksgiving post cannot cut it. Hahaha. Well if you ever do want to send me a gift or a letter, feel free to email me, tweet me or talk to me on facebook. :-) Maybe we can exchange letters and gifts? Pretty please send me letters? * u * I really do love reading them ~

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