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Friday, June 08, 2012

Hello everyone! :-) Socks always deserve a separate entry in my blog because that's just how much I love them. Well anyway, I received three new pairs of socks from my cousin, she bought these in Japan and they're just so super duper cute. I instantly fell in love with them. :-) One was peach, white and stripey. And the next one was a light browney pink color with some huge ass cotton lace on them. And lastly was these white lacey socks with some more pretty white lace. I've been trying to look for stores where I could buy cute socks here but I failed miserably so I went ahead and made my own cute kawaii socks HERE. I hope I can get some more socks next time. I guess I have this weird sock fetish. Haha. 

Well anyway, I have received a new package and I'm really excited to wear everything so watch out for a new outfit post! :-) And school is starting next week ~ I'm hoping for a good blog friendly schedule. ;_; I will leave you here with some photos my my cute socks!! Hope you find them relaxing to look at. HAHAHA. I love looking at my socks. =_= Oh God I'm weird..

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