Review: SweetPea and Fay Liquid Lipsticks

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello everyone! As promised, here is my review on the SweetPea and Fay liquid lipsticks. First of all, please do not bitch about my crappy lipstick application as I didn't apply this with a brush. I prefer applying this straight from the tube being the rustic girl I am. Hahaha. Well anyway, let's start. 

As I said in my last blogpost (HERE), I got 4 shades namely: Musidora, Mermaid Kiss (WHICH IS... I REPEAT, THE CUTEST NAME EVERRRR.), Penelope and Apocalypse

Let me just say first and foremost that these lipsticks have to be the most delicious smelling lipsticks I own. I mean they seriously smell like buttery cakes. IDK. They smell so good. I bet no one would ever say that they smell off or anything. But not only that, they're also really crazy pigmented. Even the Neon Baby Pink shade was pigmented so two thumbs up for that! :-) They're easy to apply to! I never really had the need to use lip brushes or stuff like that for my lips because I think it's easier that way. I really don't like to spend a gazillion minutes just doing my lips. So I love that they're really easy to apply and carry around everywhere.

Here are some swatches on my hand:

See how pretty these shades are? :-) IDK about you but me personally, I'm inlove. Especially with Musidora and Apocalypse. They're probably my top 2. 

Okay. Now it's time for my crappy lip swatches. Hahahaha. Don't hate. Atleast I tried. :-) They're still in the same order BTW. Just look at how crazy pigmented these are. I didn't apply anything on my lips except some EOS lipbalm. Mermaid Kiss is such a pretty baby pink! It just reminds me of my love of gyaru makeup! I bet these will look awesome with dark eye makeup. I will have to try that combination out sometime. Meanwhile, Penelope is a pretty fuchsia purpley shade which is definitely wearable everyday. I have used this one to school for two days straight now and my classmates quite love this one on me. And as for my two favorites, Musidora and ApocalypseMusidora is the most lovely shade of dark purple which will be perfect for fall or everyday! Hahaha. IDK. I love it so much. It looks so crazy cool. I bet I'm going to purchase more purple shades of lipsticks after this one. I'm slowly getting addicted to the color. Hahaha. With this lipstick, all you need is a bit of powder and some eyeliner and you're good to go but I could also say the same for Apocalypse. It's just so pretty on it's own. I have been loving Hero by NYX, in terms of red lipsticks but I love this equally or maybe even more just because it stays longer on my lips. 

Well okay. That's it. I hope you guys found this post really helpful and I hope you check out SweetPea and Fay. They have a lot of awesome items you just have to check out. I'm glad I did because now I'm hooked. Hahaha!

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