Review: Missha MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I've done a makeup review so I'm pretty excited to show you guys my newest favorite BB cream! It's the Missha MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream which I got from Cosmetic Love. You guys may know from my previous reviews that I'm not a huge fan of BB Creams in general just because I feel that they're too rich and that they break me out at times but this one is definitely not one of them. I was really surprised too. I haven't had much hope for this but seeing it with the gorgeous packaging made me say "Hmm. What the hell. It's worth a try". 

Well the Missha MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream, comes in an elegant squeezy tube that I may say looks so classy and non-cheap! I hate stuff with cheap packaging because it makes me trust the product less. IDK. Is that normal? Hahaha. Well anyway, the oriental design looks really awesome and it makes you want to buy it. AND I'M SUPER GLAD THAT IT'S NOT IN A TUB FORM. I hate hate hate those kinds of packaging. I hate putting my hand directly into product and I hate having to find a spatula thing to remedy that problem. The box looks super nice too so definitely 5 stars for packaging! Love love love it.

Now for the actual product. This baby has SPF 30 PA++ which is definitely not as high as some BB Creams offer but it's still high. So I don't have any complains. The Missha MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream currently has two shades; #1 Natural Beige and #2 Calm Beige. I stayed in the safe zone and chose the second shade as I was scared that being a bit tan for the summer would make this BB Cream too light for me. One tube has 50ml of product in it so quite a lot of product as I just use a squirt for my entire face. I researched a bit online, and here's what I saw:

1. Wrinkle improvement+Whitening+UV prevention three function product
- Three function product which protects skin from outer UV and improves wrinkles

2. Supplies moist nutrition with sticky texture
- While using, gives moisture on skin

3. Contains oriental element for skin aging care
- Makes flexible skin with main oriental element contained by natural ginseng 10%, pure gold 1500mg, deer antler, cordyceps.

4. Authentication for healthy skin
- Makes healthy, smooth skin with oriental plant extract (chunmundong, seaweed, gwandong flower) whici is skin trouble prevention patent
- Patural complex extract(beakgup, jaso, ekinasia) which is skin trouble prevention element.
- Sweet pumpkin lessens swelling on skin and calms skin.

Missha MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream Main Ingredients:

1. 10% wild ginseng
- makes young, precious skin by using wild ginseng.

2. 1500ug pure gold
- Makes clear skin by helping skin purification

3. Cordyceps militaris
- Known as the secret method since the era of Qin Shi Huang, which makes vital skin

4. Deer antlers
- Used as important Chinese medicine which makes vital skin.

5. Iksublodan
- Makes bright, flexible skin with Iksublodan extract which contains thousands of nutrition

Here's the how the BB cream looks like fresh from the tube.

See it's not thin as other BB Creams but it's super easy to spread. Like butter!

After being blended thoroughly.Give it a few minutes and it will blend in your skin! 

SEE! Magic! :-) It blends in my skin super well! 

It has amazing coverage for a BB cream! It covers my acne scars, especially on my cheeks. I have a lot of scars there. So definitely two thumbs up for that. And one more thing I really love about this is that it doesn't have strong fragrance in it! I ABSOLUTELY HATE FACE PRODUCTS WITH TOO MUCH FRAGRANCE. I think scented products break me out too that's why if a product has strong fragrance, I'd never go near it. And even though the product is thick, it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. This BB Cream gave me a semi matte finish but I still set it with some powder because I just don't like the feeling of not having any powder on. Hahaha. Well anyway, it stayed on my skin throughout the day and as my skin is super oily, it did a nice job in making my face look less crappy! :-)

This is how it looks on my skin after 7-8 hours, still looks pretty damn good right? :-) 

So all in all I love this BB Cream. It doesn't break me out, It has superb coverage, It isn't strongly fragranced, Pretty packaging. Nothing much to bitch about here. It's definitely rebuy worthy! So, Go and Check out Cosmetic Love for the Missha MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream and more amazing products! :-)

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  1. Thank you so much for this review! I've leafed through about a hundred reviews, finally found the most informative, best one! Thanks so much! I think this product will work for me! :-)


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