Review: KKCenterHK Handmade Glamour Big Eye Eyelashes

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Hello everyone! :-) It's a holiday so I'm free to blog now. Honestly it's been a while since I last dolled up. I've been pretty simple these days. I just apply foundation, apply blush on, do my eyebrows and apply my default pink lipstick and I kind of miss applying eyemake but school is making me have zero time for myself. Well anyway, I received these babies from KKCenterHK a few days ago and when I finally had the chance to use them, I didn't hesitate and I used them right away. So here I am doing a review. 

Being really interested with the Otona kind of lashes lately, these were perfect! :-) They're not like my usual spiky lashes as they were quite feathery and soft looking. They look really nice IMO. They're longer on the ends so expect a cute cat eyed look. 

The lash band was super easy to mold too! I think this is the easiest KKCenterHK lash to apply (Of the ones I used)! :-) It was a breeze! And the lash band is transparent so two thumbs up. I hate removing glue from lashes with thick black bands like the diamond lash dolly eye (which I love but the band sucks) Hahaha! Okay now for photos yaaaay:

Products used: G&G Big DM23 Pink lens, Etude House Tear drop liner, Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner in Black, Diamond Lash Baby Eye, BareNaturals Foundistay Golden Neutral in Light, Tony Moly Berry Berry Liptint in Green Apple, Revlon Colorstay Mineral Blush in Roseberry, GiantVintage Round Glasses.

  • Length: /5 -- Not too long and not too short! But I think a bit more length would be better   
  • Volume:    /5 -- Quite fluffy and has decent volume without the spikes! :-)
  • Ease of application:   /5 -- Super easy to apply! :-) I swear.
  • Are the lashes reusable? Yes! They're not cheap and flimsy like other ones. They remind me of my dolly wink lashes! 
  • Are the lashes worth the money? Yes! Definitely! :-) I really recommend these!

You can get them here: 

Check out KKCenterHK for more amazing lashes.
If you plan on buying from them, use the code "Forestdoll" to get 10% off on all your purchases! 
I totally recommend their lashes.

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