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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello everyone! Just as promised, I'm now here blogging about my new school uniform. My university uniform 3 years ago was an ugly white mess. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. It would get pretty dirty even after an hour of wearing. HAHA! I'm such a klutz. Well anyway, behold my new uniform. It's still not as cute as Japanese Uniforms but believe me when I say that it's 10000000x better than the white one. I cannot even start ranting about it because I know I'll never stop. HAHA! We're supposed to wear heels but what the heck, I have to walk from building to building, so I simply cannot survive wearing heels! I also wear my eyeglasses with my uniform. And I quite like both the round ones and these vintage ones. I simply cannot pick which ones look best. I got these babies from GiantVintage BTW. I think these eyeglasses just complete the whole schoolgirl look! They make me look and feel smart too. Hahaha. And just a word of caution, my photos here can look quite annoying as I only realized now while editing these photos that my pose in every single one of them is more or less the same one. I don't know why. HAHAHA D-: Just don't mind the pose. I promise to blog more soon as my OJT is coming to an end this week. I can now be free! Yaaaay. Okay! Picture time!!

Bag: Random Bazaar | Shoes: Payless | Eyeglasses: GiantVintage

And on the other hand, I finally got a new phone. I got the Samsung Galaxy Note in black and I love it so so much. I originally wanted the white one but my mom told me that it looks really plasticky and ugly -__- But I think it looks better than the black but whatever color, I still love it. I'm now getting addicted to doodling on the SMemo! Hahaha. I will show you guys the first doodle I drew using the phone. It took me about 5 mins or so to draw this and it doesn't look that crappy too. And I finally got instagram! Finally! Hahaha. It took me a while but I still got it. I didn't download it on my iPod and I don't know why. Hahaha! Anyway, I still haven't posted stuff on it. But whatever. I will post some stuff soon! My username is @forestdoll btw. The same as my twitter! Well anyway, got to go! Still have one more class this afternoon!

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