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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I found out about the newest craze in online shopping which is Zalora and I've been browsing the site ever since. Still haven't bought anything from them but when I can save up enough money, I'm hoping to buy some new shoes there! My student life makes saving money really hard so I'll just be patient and be a good girl and save up some money! But then when I saw Nuffnang's Zalora wishlist contest, I just had to join. I mean, there is no harm in trying right? :-) 

So without further ado, here is my Zalora wishlist!

I named it "The Perfect" wishlist because I chose items that are perfect in my perspective. Perfection is subjective so what I find perfect may not be perfect for you but I assure you, these are pretty sweet items to have in your wardrobe! No kidding. 

Starting with numero uno! :-) My first perfect item is this Bra Bikini from Wanderlust. It's in the perfect shade of green which I think would look awesome on my yellowy skin tone. And it being a bra type bikini is awesome. I have been wanting more cleavage (All girls want cleavage! HAHA) especially when wearing bikinis so that's why this is The Perfect Bikini for me this summertime. It's classic and timeless so I won't worry about this being out of style or anything. Definitely a must have! 

The next up is my second pick which is The Perfect Skirt! :-) This is a lovely Teal Skirt from PeaceLoveFashion. The moment I saw it, it definitely caught my eye! Teal is my favorite color for this season and it goes well with about anything! I love how this skirt is striking but at the same time refreshing to look at. Ahhh. I just love it. I have to get this, win or lose. And the length is just perfect. Not too long and not too short! Awesome for the scorching Philippine weather! This can go with just about anything inside my wardrobe too! :-D

On to lucky three! My third pick are these Baggy Leather Boots from Palladium. This is pretty self explanatory! Look at them! They're gorgeous! :-O I've been obsessed by grungey looks lately and these fit that look perfectly. They have just about have the right amount of spunk and coolness added to them. I love these boots, it was definitely a Love At First Sight thing! Hahahaha! I'd pair these with jeans, skirts, tights, leggings, EVERYTHING! 

My fourth pick is these babies! I seldom wear heels but when I do, they have to look amazing, just like these! :-) I've always been obsessed with animal prints but I never did get the courage to wear a lot of animal prints but let's see. These Leopard Print Platforms from Folded and Hung may turn me into someone better! Still the same but wears more animal print and heels! Hahaha! So yay for a new and improved me! 

Now on to the last and my most favorite part of my wish list! :-) My fifth Perfect pick is The Perfect Mother's Day gift. Mother's day is fast approaching and I believe I have found the perfect gift for my mom! Sanuk sandals are my mom's favorite footwear but the one's she has already looks ugly and it even has holes on some parts but she still chooses to wear it. That's how much she loves them! She wears them almost every single day. I don't know why but she's obsessed with the pair she has. I'm still saving up to buy her a new pair and I bet she'd look really happy to receive these new ones. I know that giving gifts still can't repay all the wonderful things she has done for me and my sister but even for just a moment I just want to let her feel like she's the one being given the stuff she wants because she's always the one giving. She has been our Mother and Father at the same time. She's one amazing woman and she deserves the best. If you can read this mom, I love you! :')

I kind of got emotional at the end but I hope everyone had a blast reading and looking at my Perfect Zalora wishlist! Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Don't forget to visit Zalora for more awesome items and maybe even post a Zalora wishlist of your own.

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