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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm just here today to show everyone the new gifts I received this past week! A month ago I won 2 giveaways, one from Emi and one from the memorable-days. :-) I was so happy to finally get them! 

Emi sent me some masks and skincare samples and also a pair of lashes! I will try them out soon so expect some reviews and whatnot. She also included some kawaii candies and a little kawaii letter with my gift. Emi, I will forever treasure this letter. Thank you so much for the gift! :-) 

The other one I received was a scarf from which I won from memorable-days! I will just have to say that they have the nicest packaging ever. I have absolutely nothing to bitch about here! Everything was well put together and they even included a product catalog. If you guys want to see the scarf in action, I have already used it here. The scarf's quality was pretty damn good and it was definitely something I'm proud to have in my closet. 

I promise to blog soon! I'm hoping to squeeze in more outfit posts too! :-D I really miss dressing up. I'm always in jeans, shorts and skirts nowadays if I'm not in my usual school uniform. Tsk. I really miss talking to people too. So, if you want, you can email me, tweet me, talk to me on instagram (@forestdoll), or maybe even post on my facebook page. I'd love to talk to you guys. 

Sorry if this entry is really short. I promise to blog more soon! Bye guys. 
Oh and BTW, thank you to everyone who joined by Uniqso giveaway! It will be ending soon so I will announce the winner in a couple of days! :-D Please stay tuned for that! AND IF YOU STILL HAVEN'T JOINED, Join now. Please? :-) The more the merrier.

Don't forget to join my giveaways! ~ 

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