Tutorial: Glitter Gradient Nails

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm back with a new SUPERRRR easy nail tutorial which is great for summer! I used my BornPrettyStore glitter polish which I received a few days ago :-) It's actually the easiest way to do your nails. It just takes two to three swipes of the glitter polish and you're done! But there are some basic things you need to remember when doing this type of nail art. 

FIRST: You need to apply small layers at a time. You will not want to have a chunky mess on your nails so be patient and apply the polish little by little. 
SECOND: You should apply it just at the ends. Covering 3/4s of the nails look quite nice IMO. And concentrate more on the ends.
THIRD: This is quite hard and I don't usually follow this but let the layer dry before applying the next one. But if you're impatient like me, you can always cheat and not do this. Hahaha!
FOURTH: Remember to put top coat so that the chunky glitters won't fall out. -____- Sometimes, these chunky glitters will just escape and make their way on to your face or somewhere. Hahaha.

And that's it. A super easy way for fun and fabulous way to decorate your nails for the summer! If you don't have any glitter polish, I recommend this one by the BornPrettyStore and I also like the one by OPI which is in the shade Rainbow Connection. Oh and for people living in the Philippines, Bobbie's sunburst looks amazing too! :-D They kind of look like Gel nails with glitter tips! I love this technique. Super easy ~ No sweat at all even for me and my shaky hands! HAHA!

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