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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello everyone! As you all know, I'm having my OJT now so I'm pretty much in my intern uniform all the time, except for today! Today is my restday so I can now wear pretty clothes! I bought a denim overall dress last week in a thrift shop and I've been dying to wear it ever since. I missed mixing and matching my mori pieces!

Well anyway, I wore my denim overall dress with my white 3/4s shirt with some floral detail. You can't really notice the green and brown flowers though. I also found my lost Dr. Martens sandals! Hahaha. I was soooo happy to finally see them again. I last saw them about a year ago. I matched them with my green socks. And because it's summer, I wore my round sunglasses to complete the look. Many people were asking where I got these, they're from Firmoo! They have these round sunglasses in black too! For a grungey approach, black is definitely better but for Mori-ish styles, these chocolate colored ones are PERFECT! :-) I will review these on my next post! I just love these sunglasses!

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