Outfit: Low Maintenance

Friday, April 06, 2012

Hello everyone! I've been obsessed with wearing loose denims recently aka the boyfriend jeans or whatever you might want to call it. It's simply loose denims. I love folding them and showing of my ankles by the way. I think when I don't my legs look quite fat and stubby lah. So to fold it is! :B I saw some amazing mori girls wearing loose denims too so new inspirations! I love my skinny jeans but in this heat, I think these pants are breezier! 

To avoid losing my mori side, I paired it with a flowy floral top then a crochet black vest! It has embroidered flowers on it! :B And not to mention my favorite bag. I know many are tired of looking at this bag but it's my favorite! I love it so much that I'd jump into fire just to save it. Nahhh. But I really do love it. Hahaha.

What do you think of denims with Mori Girl pieces? :-D Do they look nice? Do they blend in well with the whole mori theme? :> Well, I think they do! 

I think another giveaway will be up soon! :-D Please stay tuned ~

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  1. Omg marion, I lurv the simplicity of these selections. Thumbs up!



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