Outfit: Cats and creepers!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

So it's officially summer time here in the Philippines and it's really hot so expect me wearing skirts, shorts and shirts most of the time! :-D It's super duper hot and the sun shines super bright that it's almost impossible to stay outside for a minute and not sweat. If the weather is still going to get hotter, I think I'll go out looking really trashy or maybe even naked. Nahhh. Just joking. I'll still have some decency for you guys. 

This day, I opted to wear a shirt because the heat was just too much for me to wear a blouse with frilly stuff or something like that. I wore my colorful skirt too! I don't know I just love the colors on this skirt. To complete the outfit, I wore my creepers for the first time! They're super comfy! Swear. I love them! :-D I put my hair in a bun too. -___- I hate tying up my hair but I had no choice. Either that or else I'd sweat like a pig in just 2 minutes outside. I think I'll be super fuss free this summer time because it's the hottest summer I've experienced ever. 

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