Me and my dating addiction!

Monday, April 09, 2012

O hello everyone. Let's first start this entry with a photo of me so it will be less weird.

Wait. I think the photo of me is making this post 100x weirder but well, this photo was taken recently and I think I look quite decent here lah so why not share. :-D BTW, I decided not to color my roots yet. I'd love to see how it would look like that way. Well anyway, I've been ignoring my blog lately mainly because of two reasons. Number 1 is because it's Holy Week and  I had to respect my religion's traditions and the second reason is because of the SHINSENGUMI. Well okay okay, actually I love anime since I was a small kid, I'm a big kid now but I still love it. (Kid at heart) Some people my age would be like "Pshhh Anime. Loser." but I'm all giggles and fangirl screams whenever I see anime related things. I'm older but I'm still the same geek inside. 

So now, you may ask me.. WHAT THE HELL WOULD THE SHINSENGUMI HAVE TO DO WITH THIS? Well to be honest, the thing I'll be saying will be quite weird and funny but here goes... I'VE BEEN VIRTUALLY DATING THE SHINSENGUMI FOR ABOUT A FEW DAYS STRAIGHT NOW. AHAHAHAHA. :-D I've been addicted to this otome game since I downloaded it a few days ago. BTW, an otome game is like a dating simulation game for girls. Hahaha. I sound so forever alone lah. Here is the game! The title is Hakuoki ~ Demon of the Fleeting Blossom ~ and I'm playing it on my psp. I watched the anime but I think I like the game better. Only because you can pick the guy you like. Every reverse harem should have a game like this! This is the awesome game cover:

This game is making me more and more like him (referring to the awesome man in the photo below). 

I can't argue to that. So......

To those who watched the anime, you'll already know what the game is mostly about but you can choose who Chizuru(YOU/The female protagonist) will date or whatever. You get to choose between 6 amazingly hot bishounens! Okay! I love anime men, so what. Hahaha. Just a quick recap of the guys you can choose:

Toshizo Hijikata

Souji Okita

Hajime Saito

Heisuke Toudou

Sanosuke Harada

Kazama Chikage

I've finished all the routes except for Hijikata's and Harada's. I personally can't choose which is the best T__T I mean I really love them all. I especially love Saito, Kazama and Souji. I'm torn. I really can't choose. Well anyway, I still have to finish the remaining ones but this game is really worth downloading! Trust me. Google it or you can ask me for the link tweet me (@forestdoll) or maybe just email me. I especially enjoyed playing this at night when no one is staring because I keep on talking to my psp, especially when there are fight scenes. I keep on chanting "Please don't die" a million times until the scene ends. HAHAHAHA. To get a clear picture of how I played this game, look at this photo:

So addicted girl lah. EVEN PLAYING IN THE DARK. HAHAHA! Well anyway, sorry for this unusual topic but it's still me. :-D I hope you all enjoyed reading my geeky entry. All the character photos are from google images btw. 

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