Inspiration: Get loose!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yes I am obsessed with boyfriend jeans recently. Maybe it's the weather but I'm wearing jeans more often now. After I wore my first Mori Girl with jeans outfit, I'm definitely wanting some more coords involving jeans. They definitely make my outfits wearable and comfortable. See? Nothing can go wrong. 

Well anyway, I was on tumblr a couple days ago and I looked for summer/spring Mori Girl x Boyfriend Jeans inspirations that I can get ideas from. I found all these outfits really cute and adorable for the hot summer weather we have now. From something really light and airy to something layered and busy, it suits everything! AND IT'S ALWAYS CUTE IF YOU FOLD THEM TOO!

I will leave you with these awesome photos because I need to wake up early because it's my first day of summer class tomorrow. :-D I hope nothing will go wrong. I will go back to posting reviews, hauls and outfit posts soon! AND A CIRCLE LENS GIVEAWAY WILL BE POSTED IN A FEW DAYS TOO! :-) 

Oh by the way, don't forget to join my giveaway wherein you can win two sunglasses! :-D
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