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Monday, April 02, 2012

Well since April is the month of my Blog's anniversary, April must obviously start with a bang! Because everyone has been so kind to me in my first year of blogging, I will host a bunch of giveaways this April, I hope you will all stay tuned for that. Well anyway, I'm happy I started blogging because I've met a lot of awesome people and I learned so much this past year from all of you guys. I can never stop saying thank you to everyone who supports me and my blog. I'm so glad to have awesome readers like you guys. I always thought that Blogging is just something you do out of boredom but seriously now it's like a part of my life. Well anyway, ENOUGH OF THEM CHEEZY STUFF! :))  ON TO THE GIVEAWAY!

(BTW, this will be the photo you have to use when making a blog post about the giveaway)

I've been obsessing with buying Sunglasses since summer has started. One of my favorite stores is Giant Vintage! They have an amazing variety of sunglasses. THEY SERIOUSLY HAVE EVERY STYLE I WANT! Hahaha. So what better to give this summer than sunglasses, right? :) Something better? 2 sunglasses? :-D HAHA!

Check out Giant Vintage's site! They have amazing sunglasses and they also have those Uljjang eyeglasses for a cute and kawaii look! Here's some awesome designs that I personally love:

Okay... That's not the end of the list! MY LIST IS SUPER LONG! :)) Well anyway, my favorites would have to be the ones with round lens. IDK. I've been loving that shape recently and also I love wayfarers since forever! 

The winner will receive two Giant Vintage sunglasses! 

I beg you guys, please watch out for announcements!
I have posted the winners names for the past giveaways and still people keep on asking who won.
I will post the winner on my twitter (@forestdoll), so please check my twitter and if you want, you can follow me there. And I will also place the name in this post when the contest is done. And if the winner will not reply within 2 days, I will choose another one.

The giveaway will end on 05/03/2012 and this is open INTERNATIONALLY!

And also a note for everyone, I will immediately disqualify anyone who did not do the mandatory instructions. :) And please do fill in the entries correctly.


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