Dried flowers and glitters!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello everyone! I've been so busy with my On the Job training that I have zero time for blogging but since I got home a wee bit early, I'll just sneak in a little post before I go to bed. Oh and BTW, I got my new school uniform which is required for my OJT. I will show you my uniform soon! :-) Hahaha. 

Well anyway, I received some pretty neat stuff from the BornPrettyStore! Which I plan to use soon as I have the time. Being a lover of flowers and dried stuff (This includes dried fish! YUMMM), I got pretty dried flowers to put on my nails. And I also got a glitter polish, I chose this one because it looked somewhat like those OPI polishes that have the chunky glitter which looks so goooood! 

These dried flowers come in a pack of 12 :-D You get 12 unique designs but I have 2 favorites! ~

Here are my two favorites! Turquoise and the green! :-) I still have to look at some inspirations on how to do nail art using these. I tried using the yellow one and I failed miserably! HAHAHA! I can't even dare show you what I did!

Here is the glitter polish I got! :-) Just right for the summer time. Will definitely use this soon! I bet this would look great with a black base! You can check this out here: http://www.bornprettystore.com/gold-color-glitter-nail-polish-nail-p-1313.html

I hope I have the time to do some dried flower nail art soon even though I have short nails. I saw these and I hope I can try these out! ~ Images are not mine btw. I just found them on google! Super pretty and I know I can't do them as good as these ones! HAHA!

If you want to buy some cool nail art items, visit the BornPrettyStore. You can use this code "7OFFJ61to have 7% off on your purchase.

BTW, BornPrettyStore is giving away 1000 rhinestone rings, they will give away the coupon code and the first 1000 to use it will get a rhinestone ring for free! Visit page site for more details: http://www.bornprettystore.com/facebook-free-giveaways-1000pcs-rings-n-32.html

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