Tutorial: DIY Peter Pan Collar

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hello everyone. I'm quite nervous with today's post because it's a TUTORIAL! I personally know that I suck at teaching but people really wanted this tutorial so I did the best I could. I really did try. And I made this collar before I will go to bed tonight. Maybe about 11pm-ish? Well anyway, let's start.

These cotton lace appliques were all white before but I got bored so I dyed them! I did the same process I did with my DIY colored socks, which I will post a tutorial on soon. These were the same appliques I used for my white DIY Peterpan collar, which I used here, here and here. The white looked nice so I decided to make some in different colors.

This is the white collar I made a while ago. 

And these are the ones I dyed! One in pink, one in black and one in lavender! For this tutorial, I'll be showing how I made the pink one into a Peter Pan Collar. 

Of course you'll need materials if you want to make something... Duh. Hahaha. So the first thing that you will need are lace appliques, it doesn't need to be colored or such. You just need something that is curved so that it will fit your neck. I'd recommend that you'll use white because it's super easy to use and pair with other clothes you have but since I already have a white one, I'm making a bunch of collars with different colors too!

The next thing that you will need is a meter of ribbon! You can use any type of ribbon you like and you can choose any color too! For my pink collar, I used a baby pink ribbon.

Then you'll need thread and needles and that tomato thing which you put your needles in. HAHA! I feel like such a pro whenever I have that tomato thing.. Don't hate the tomato! :-D Oh btw, you can choose the thread's color too! You don't need to use white. You can use a thread in a color near your collar so that it won't be noticable but since I have zero pink thread, I'm stuck using this white one but it's not really noticable so it's okay!

The next item is optional but I think it adds character to your collar so you have to get it. +100 cuteness when you add a simple button to your collar and it also helps cover the messiness of your stitching. I'm not the best in hand sewing so they help cover up my crappy stitching.

These are the stuff I need to make one whole collar. Oh btw, it's crucial that you get lace appliques that somewhat looks like this. So that it can easily turn into a collar. NO MORE CUTTING AND SEWING! Yaaay for that! Hahaha! Just a simpler way of doing it. No complicated stuff in my tutorials. 

Then the first thing you do is join the two lace appliques together. Stitch them tightly together so they won't fall apart. You can do this any way you want. 

Then because I love the touch of cuteness the button adds, You may or may not stitch the button in but I really recommend that you do. See. You can't even see the crappy stitching underneath the cute button :-D

The next step would have to be to take the 1 meter ribbon then cut it directly in half! 

This step is optional too. Cut little triangles so that the ends of your ribbon will be cuter! :-D

Stitch the ribbon on to the ends of your collar. Just make sure you stitch it to the center or at-least near the center of your collar. It won't look nice if you sew it too far out or too far in. 

Be sure to stitch it tightly so that the ribbon wont fray and it won't just turn into messy crap. 

VOILA! You're done! :-D Easy right? No difficult terms and no difficult procedures. Enjoy your DIY collar anyway you want!

If you're still hesitant to make a collar cause you don't know how to pair it with your other clothes, don't be. This kind of collar is easy to pair with blouses and even the humble t-shirt! :-D Don't believe me? Check my white t-shirt with my new collar. Nice right? :-D And the button looks cute right? 

I think it looks super cute and I can't wait to use it.  

Well anyway, I hope this post inspired and helped you! :-D Any comments and suggestions on my first tutorial? Tell me but please be gentle. Hahaha!

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