That warm fuzzy feeling.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's been raining here almost every night and at times like this, I CRAVE FOR KOREAN FOOD. I don't know why but when it's really cold, I want to eat some Kimchi. So I did. Hahaha. Well whenever I eat Korean Food, I get this warm fuzzy feeling inside. It feels like home or maybe even a warm blanket or a warm fireplace. Hahaha. I think I'm actually Korean deep inside. Hahaha.

Well anyway, we ate Bibimbap (My all time favorite food), Kimbap, Pajeon, Kimchi and some other side dishes. I don't know their names but they were all yummy. Haha.

Okay. Now for some food porn! (>w<) ENJOY!

I used my 50mm lens for all these photos. Do they look okay? :-D I've been practicing. Hahaha, Hope I made you all proud. While making this blog post, I'm getting hungry again! HAHA! I hate blogging about food cause it makes me hungry. I don't know how these amazing food bloggers do it. 

Well anyway, I'm really proud of myself for blogging a lot this past week until today! I blogged everyday. Hahaha. Vacation has it perks! :-D And I'm almost at 1000 followers and it's really shocking. I can't even believe that people actually read what I write. Well anyway, my blog anniversary is almost near so I'm planning something special this 1000 followers/Bloggu anniversary so please watch out for that! 

I need to wake up early tomorrow because I need to go to school to enroll myself for summer classes. I know. Summer classes suck bigtime :-( 

So... Hello abrupt ending!

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