Review: KKCenterHK M123-A Lashes

Monday, March 26, 2012

I received these from KKCenterHK a while ago. So sorry for the really late review. And I'll be reusing some photos from the time I used these here. Well anyway these lashes are really unique. They are really dense on the outer edge but on the inner edge they have this crisscross design. KKCenterHK also named them "Top Natural Last Dense Cross Black Eyelash". This is the stock photo: 

And this is the actual product:

Looks pretty Legit right? :-) Really the same as the stock photo. I really hate it when the product I receive is really wayyyy different from the stock photo. I mean... Ughh. Cheat sellers. Well anyway, these are really nice if you want to achieve the "cat" eyed flirty look. Love them! They make my eyes look really long. IDK if many people would like that but personally, I like how they look on my eyes. They make my eyes look less round and I kind of like it. They make them look like I have Almond eyes! :-D Super pretty! 

Okay before someone will comment about my uncurled lashes, again, I would just like to say that I hate eyelash curlers and I refuse to use them.

So here's how they look on me:

See! Super long and fluttery right? :) Well I kind of love how dense they are on the outer edges. Instant cat eyes! Even without the complicated eyeliner! Just a thin line of eyeliner + these lashes, then VOILA! Hahaha!  I wore my favorite lenses here btw. 

  • Length: /5 -- JUST RIGHT IMO. They look really long on the ends though but I love them like that!   
  • Volume:  /5 -- Not really much volume here except on the ends.
  • Ease of application: /5 -- Easy to put on but not really that flexible and they don't have a clear band so you need eyeliner! 
  • Are the lashes reusable? Yes! They aren't flimsy and it came nicely curled.
  • Are the lashes worth the money? Yes! They're really cheap but they look extremely good. I swear. 
You can get them here:

Check out KKCenterHK for more amazing lashes.
If you plan on buying from them, use the code "Forestdoll" to get 10% off on all your purchases! 
I totally recommend their lashes.

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