Outfit: I've seen them hunt me down

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hello everyone.

Been having pretty bipolar weather recently. When I leave the house it's a beautiful sunny day then it suddenly pours. Hahaha. Oh well. Been liking the cold weather though.

I wore my plaid maxi skirt for the first time and I was surprised that you can tie the edges and voila ~ You have a plaid bubble skirt! It's looks really cool and definitely worth the money. I mean 2 in 1. How can you say no? I don't really love plaid but I love the dark mossy green and dark navy blue combo of this skirt so it was worth a try. And I love the little bit of grey in the waist area of the skirt. Really cute and not to mention comfy.

Aren't the little red hearts cute? >w< Well anyway, I liked the way I look here but omg. My hair is butt-ugly.  It looks so dry and uglyyyyy. :( I've been conditioning it like crazy but nothing is happening to make it better. But I don't want to get it straightened, cut, permed or anything. Does anyone have any miracle cures to make hair healthy again? Please tell me ;___; I will have to refrain from coloring my hair again even though the pink is already turning peach. *Sighhh* 

FD ✿

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